Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tuesday in the rain

The rain is falling. Last night the winds were blowing. Fall is definately here.

This is the boys working in Braydon's book this morning. I love that when they get here in the morning they don't even ask about the TV. They find something to do. The two of them sat there and worked together on figuring out sounds and what started with what. They did have a problem since they though it was "carpet", not "rug" and the matching sound word was "rabbit" not "bunny".

Usual morning so far. Got up, showered, helped the kids getted dressed, got Kaylee off to school and walked the dog. Picked up Brad, let the boys play and then walked them to school. Got in the van, put in the Christmas music and put myself into work mode.

Yes, I said Christmas music. I know, it's early. But it's really a fall day, which means that Christmas is around the corner, so why not.

Will be a busy one from the time I get home till I get Braydon out for soccer practice. I'm marinating chicken, throw on some broccoli and cheese rice and find some kind of veggi.

Braydon took non perishable food for the Harvest Group, and I need to remember to bring some for Kaylee this week too. I worked on my LO this morning, even finished it!

Today is the last day of collecting things for my Week in a Life. I've really enjoyed putting this together and can't wait to see what the end result will be.


Lisa and DJ said...

I thought about Christmas music today...but that's it, didn't actually turn it on. You crazy lady.

Suzanne said...

Braydon and Brad are a perfect demonstration of how crazy the English language is. I think Christmas music in October is a great idea.