Friday, February 29, 2008

Cleaning Day

I have to say, I hate cleaning.  Always have, and something tells me I always will.  In fact, instead of cleaning, I sat down here to tell you I hate cleaning.  I love a clean house.  I just wish someone else would come here and do it.

When I get home from work, the kids want to play, dinner needs to be made and there is always something on the go. When I finally have time to clean, I'm too tired to bother.

Today I will clean.  I WILL CLEAN.  I WILL CLEAN....maybe if I tell myself enough it will happen.  Actually, it will today.  But by the time the kids play and the dog sheds, it won't look clean for long.  Maybe I should take a picture this time to preserve it.

I figure it's a bonus day of the year, so I should do something productive with it.  In fact, if I really do all my cleaning this morning, then I can scrap this afternoon in peace.  How nice would that be?  A good reward.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Go Fish

Some of my fondest memories of my Grandmother is playing hours and hour and hours of Go Fish.  I would sit on her lap, and we would play.  Go Fish eventually lead to Crazy 8's and a few other card games.  But Go Fish is a treasured memory for me.
Last year, I decided it was time to teach Braydon the game.  Well, he didn't really know his numbers, but we figured it out.  I would ask him for fives, show him what it looked like and he would let me know if he had it or not.  Then he started to learn his numbers and the game got easier for us to play.
Well that kid is GOOD at Go Fish.  His elephant like memory sure helps in this game.  If you asked for a 3 five minute ago - he remembers you have a 3 and gets so excited when he takes it from you.  There is no "letting him win" - he wins fair and square most times.
Santa  brought him some Spider Man cards, and we play a few times a week.  He plays with his Dad, and sometimes Kaylee is my partner in our fugal attempts to win.  But best of all, he plays Go Fish with his Grandma.  I love that game.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Choo Choo

Or is it Cho Cho?  Kaylee seems to have an imaginary friend.  He goes by the name Choo Choo.  He is four years old and has black hair like me.
Tonight we found out that Choo Choo has a sister, Rachel.  Funny enough, Braydon's best friend has a sister named Rachel.  Upon further investigation, Choo Choo's Mom's name is Jenny, just like Brad.  And upon the deep spy like investigation, I learn that Choo Choo lives with Brad.  

I'm thinking my little one needs a best friend like her brother.  And since she hasn't claimed on for herself in the real world - Choo Choo has come to life.

For me, I see that my little girl is full of imagination - something that I love.  Maybe one day I will explain my days of Wonder Woman and Jamie Summers, the Bionic Woman.

Welcome Choo Choo, I hope you and Kaylee have a lot of fun together. 

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

I don't know how times keeps going by faster?  Is there a way to slow it down?  In some cases just stop?
It seems as though I have a million things going on, and so does the rest of the family.  Chris has been working extra which means less hanging out together.  And it also makes me realize how much he does around to keep kids entertained and help me.  I love him.
The kids, well now that we have some nice weather out, they want to get outside and run around.  It's been good, the fresh air tires them out and they have been sleeping better.  On the bikes, at the playground, getting back on the bats and playing ball.  But being outside doesn't let me get anything done inside.  Still, I'd rather play than clean any day.

Kaylee is potty training.   That alone would keep a Mom busy.  She's doing well, not all the way there - but oh so much closer than last week.  :)  She is so proud of herself and I'm so proud of her.

We are only two weeks away till my birthday - which means two weeks away to Braydon and Brad's fifth birthday party!!  Just how I want to spend 36 - chasing a bunch of 5 year olds!!!  It will be great, I will just have to watch the wine intake the night before.

Work is crazy.  That would be an  understatement.  There are a lot of changes happening, all of which will cause me more work that I wasn't really anticipating at this particular moment.  But I guess good things will come....eventually.  I'm surrounded by good people and I know that it will all work out.

Well, off to finish baking muffins, packing lunch, taking the dog out, doing some laundry, putting the kids to bed, and eventually hitting bed.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my Mom's 65th Birthday.  When I was a kid, 65 was old, really really old.  But today, only being 30 years away from it myself and seeing the version of "old" my Mom is...well it's 65 years young. She's not a big birthday person, leaves that to my Dad and I.  But we are going out for dinner this evening, just the grown ups.  Of course, the kids wanted to see Grandma this afternoon (although KJ didn't want a photo), so we had a mini visit already.

My mom is a great lady, has an enormous amount of wisdom to share, but doesn't push it on you. She loves her family greatly, and is always helping one of us do something.  The last few years haven't been that great to my parents.  They shut down their business after 30 years and both had to look for new jobs.  Neither of their health is spectacular, but with Dad's eyesight so poor, she's had to lookout for both of them more than planned.

I hope that this year, they can settle into a new life.  They are going to be selling our family home - and while I hate to see the change, I know that it will be good for everyone.  Simplify.

And as she embarks on her year 66, I wish her all the love, happiness and health.  Happy Birthday Mom

Monday, February 11, 2008

My addiction......

So this scrapbooking thing - well it's becoming worse.  I love to scrap.  I stay up late when I should be sleeping so I can scrap.  It's such a perfect combination for me - I get to take lots of photos and then instantly frame them.  I can journal the moment, or simply add embellishments that I think would help capture the moment.
I scrap a couple of times a week, but I would do it more if I could.  I belong to a site called Kindred Creations - where I get a ton of inspiration and have met many amazing people who I know consider friends.
I love paper crafts and don't want to know what I spend on it.  If I had the cash, I would easily drop more!!
But it's a good thing.  There are lots of photos of me as a child, but not dated and not organized (a task I will take on myself one day).  My kids will have albums upon albums of their childhood memories.  I will keep them until they understand the importance of them.  And whenever possible, I include them and their creativity when I scrap.
Like tonight, I was organizing the photos for a lay out about making our Valentine's cookies.  Then I remembered a lay out that a very talented scrapper did (Tracey) and I thought I would do some painting with the kids with her inspiration.  The kids each painted a heart (Braydon was having so much fun, he did two!!), and I will use them on the final project.
So it's an addiction of sorts - but I love the chance to be creative and remember all these great moments over and over again.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

An early start

This morning I started work at 3:45am.  That's really early!!  We had a special promotion on at the mountain, 24 hours of winter sport.  I would rather start at that time then work all through the night.

I'm surprised I'm still awake - it's 7pm and I'm enjoying semi peace with the kids in the bath.  The yelling is starting as I type - I guess it's time to wash their hair, put pj's on and head to bed.  I will probably fall asleep before them.

The weekend was a busy one.  Friday I got some new glasses - went with something a bit funky but cool.  Went for lunch with Dad and Kaylee - then helped Dad shop for Mom's birthday.  By the time I got home, KJ didn't need any more  napping and I did some errands.  Friday night was quiet - did Valentine's cards for the kids classmates.

Chris worked on Saturday.  Good for the pocket book, but sucks not having a day for the family. Made cookies with Braydon and Kaylee, and Brad came over to help ice.  Of course, the icing took five minutes with the kids.  They each did three cookies and left me to deal with the other three dozen.  Oh well.

Saturday night it was pizza, beer and an early bed.  Like I said, 3:45 is a very early start.  However, early in at work means early out.  Got groceries this afternoon, went to the craft store for some stuff, and then made cards with the kids.  Again, I did more work - but  hey.  It was quality time.

Well, hair needs washing and I'm fading fast.  It's only my Monday and there is a still a long week ahead.

Friday, February 8, 2008


Last September, Harley came to live with us.  A five year old female cat, picked up by the SPCA with an unknown background.  Apparently they figured out she didn't like cats.  Well, we figured out she doesn't like dogs either.

Having a large husky / wolf cross, we knew that bringing in a kitten may not be the best thing.  Takaya had always had a cat in her life, and while she did have the natural "chase" instinct - for the most part she was fine.  She even got along with my parents cat.  So, we decided to get a grown up cat who could fend for herself.  And it's always nice to give an older cat a home.

We should have called her basement.  Because that is where she took up residence.  Despite the newly installed cat door to allow her to come and go to the litter box at will, she knew life was safe down there.  The dog didn't come to visit.

We tried everything.  Viewings through gate, one on one with a leash - even no holds bar go at 'em down and dirty meetings.  Still, the love was lost.  The cat would not go past the dog, and now the dog wanted to know what the other furry thing was - so got excited when something new was happening.

Then last week.........the fight.  I could hear Takaya making noise, but what I didn't realize was that she made it to the basement.  Harley territory.  The dog stayed back...and then the cat  literally jumped onto the dogs face and hung on for dear life.  It took me a minute, but I was able to separate them.

I wondered what I was thinking.  A old cat meeting an old dog.  Stupid stupid, stupid.  But that  fight did something.  It made Harley realize she could win.  Two days later, she came through the cat door and into the living room all on her own.  Chris put the gate up and let her wander.

Then tonight, the dog and the cat - in the same room.  No chasing, no freaking out, no blood.  Peace.  Harmony.

Takaya was sooooo good trying to just let the cat check things out.  And surprisingly, Harley was pretty calm about the deal.

So are we are at the point where we can all live in peace?  I hope so.  I really hope so.

Monday, February 4, 2008

So Sweet

Little Kaylee has a cold.  But wow, she is still so cute.  I always knew I wanted to be a parent, but I didn't know how much love I would have for my children.  There are days that drive me nuts, that I long for the good ol' days where I could do what I want, when I want.  Then one of my kids does something and makes me wonder if life could get any better!

So the football game didn't end like I thought it would - but good for the Giants.  That was some catch!!  As usual, I prepared the snacks during the game, and made sure I was there for the commercials.  Something traumatic happened to the wings, they were horrible.  How I messed them up I'm not sure, but I won't do that again!!  Sorry Chris, I know  you were looking forward to them.

I get to scrap tonight!  Just printed a few photos and would like to play around.  I have the itch to be creative, so glad that the kids will go to bed, Chris is watching a movie and things should be a bit quiet for me.  Had another horrible sleep last night - hopefully will get a good one tonight.  Although that depends on how Kaylee is feeling.

I was thinking we should make Valentine's cookies this weekend.  Nothing says love like cookie dough and icing all over the kitchen!  And of course, I'll take some photos and scrap them to my hearts desire.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Month #2

February....and already third day in. Friday night was date night and the kids slept at my parents. Nice to have some time "off".

Superbowl today, wings, nachos and maybe a cold brewski. Chris is celebrating the game, I am celebrating the end to another football season. But football is over, which means baseball is just around the corner. And since Chris is a Met's fan, well he's thrilled with the recent deal that pays some guy some enormous amount of money to play a sport. I sure choose the wrong business.

I ended up working on one of my days off. I forgot how much that ends up taking away from the weekend. I miss not having two days off with my family - but spring isn't that far off is it?

Braydon is heading to "Walk with Dinosours" today and he is VERY excited. I mean REALLY REALLY excited. He woke up this morning and said "this is the dinosour day" and walked past me. No good morning, not a hello in sight. His priorities were set straight. So that means it's just three of us to watch the game this afternoon, which is cool.

The sun is out today, a nice thing to see. The weather has been extreme all winter, tons of rain, or tons of snow or, tons of sun. Not all on the same day though. Gotta walk the dog when I get home, and then I'm sure that Harley will be thrilled to have someone hang out in the basement with her (the cat lives in the basement....).

Go Patriots! Well, I don't really care, but come on - any team that has won what they won through the year deseves to take home the trophy.