Thursday, October 2, 2008

And now it's night - so here was my day

Again it's near the end of the day and I am running out of time.  Since leaving 
work I

  • went to the bank and put my cheque in
  • came home and picked up the garbage that the dog ate (again)
  • took the dog out in the rain for a quick walk
  • came home and cleaned some dishes
  • made soup for the kids (which didn't go over well)
  • ate my stew with some fresh bread while watching the Canadian politic stand off
  • in the process of bathing the children (they are fighting tonight, fun stuff)
In a few minutes I will get them out of the bath, read a story and put them to bed.  I love them, but they are a bit high maintenance.  

A few seconds later.....

Ya so the fighting got worse.  I washed their hair and then they wanted to stay more in the bath. Crazy kids.

Later tonight...

You may be able to tell that I just figured out how to change the font colour.  Can't say I have really explored this whole blog area (are you laughing Carmen?) and fight with photos just about every time....but I'm getting it.

Oh ya, later tonight is Survivor - my favorite reality show.  Make some lunches and go enjoy my new bed.  I want to scrap, wonder if I can pull that off!

Thankful for....

Today I am thankful for

  • finding the colours on my blog
  • remembering to take photos through my day (although missing a large part)
  • that while my children believe in sibling rivalry, they believe in each other more
  • Chris is funny (if only I had recorded the whole garbage / dog / recycling conversation)
  • my friend Carmen is getting back into scrapping
  • dinner being ready when I came home
  • that tomorrow is Friday


Suzanne said...

Love reading all your posts, not loving that kitchen though. I think I just figured out how you get so many LO's done. LOL Just kidding, I love that you took a picture of your kitchen!

Kirsten said...

I did say that I did the dishes!!! It's not usually that bad

Suzanne said...

That's why I knew I could tease you about it! ;)