Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Too cute not too

share.  This little one just makes my heart melt.  Her pre-school went to go sing at the seniors house today so she wanted to look extra special.  Cuter than cute today she was.

I'm in tears as I type this because how I would give anything for my Grandmother to have been there.  It's the same senior centre that she lived in, and while she didn't get to see Kaylee sing today, I know how much she would have loved every single minute of it.

So while my Grandma didn't get to enjoy it, I'm pretty sure that someone else's did and that alone would have made her happy.


Lisa and DJ said...

What a sweet thing. I'm sure those people loved having those precious kids sing to them...especially Kaylee.

Suzanne said...

She is a pretty little thing and I'm sure just as sweet. I can see how that would have made you miss your grandma.