Monday, October 6, 2008

And so the day begins

Kaylee woke at 6:20 yelling "I want sushi".  That woke Braydon up, who went into his sister's room to ask if he could do her hair for her.  I live in a crazy world.

Children up, dressed (two choices of dresses for KJ today, at least she picked one) them, teeth brushed and downstairs.  Kaylee requested "soft cereal" which is oatmeal. Braydon wanted pancakes, and since I had the time, I made them for him.

Packed their lunches, did Kaylee's hair and walked Kaylee to school.  Took the dog, and Braydon rode his bike.  Went went the "long" way home and then picked up Brad.

I'm listening to Brad and Braydon have some funny conversations again.  Brad just said to Braydon "I have something sad to tell you.....I'm going to Whistler for Thanksgiving".  Brad thinks Braydon will be sad because Brad won't be there to play.  It's true.  Especially if the weather is nice out.

Speaking of weather, it's nice this morning but the rain is coming for this afternoon.  Guess I should enjoy the weather while I can!


Suzanne said...

Kaylee and I definetly don't have the same tastes in food. I would never wake up craving sushi or soft cereal. It was nice of Brad to give his "notice" about Thanksgiving.

Lisa and DJ said...

Has she ever had sushi? It always seems like you're able to accomplish quite a bit in the morning!