Sunday, August 31, 2008

Almost over

It seems like this month off has gone by way too quickly!  Today we had our walk, washed cars, about to go swimming and then off to a BBQ.  This weekend we had dinner at my parents, visited Nana and Papa (to finally wrap up Kaylee's birthday parties) and went puddle jumping more than once.  

It's been a good summer.  Lots of things happened.  We got to go on our family vacation, I got to go to Utah - we all had fun.  Chris rode his bike lots and Braydon has finally decided to take off the training wheels (still in the early stages here).

The fall brings new changes.  Braydon into Kindergarten, Kaylee at pre-school and back to the real world for Mom and Dad.

So while the sun decided to show up again, we should get back outside and enjoy the last few moments of a good summer.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Night time on Vancouver Island

How can you not appreciate night views like this? 

and this

I sure live in a beautiful province.

My baby is 3

Three.  Wow, what a big number.  When did three years happen so fast?  Wasn't is just yesterday she was born?  Learning to smile, trying to crawl?  Mastering walking?  When did she become so talented, so funny, so beautiful?  When did babbling become full sentences?  When did the baby go away and this little girl show up?  Sometime in the last three years.

On August 22nd, Kaylee turned three.  A happy 3 year old, full of spunk.  Full of energy, smart (too smart), laughs more than anything.

This light of our life really makes things good.  Her antics that "work" her room, her smile that lights up everything, her little boston accent that makes others smile.  Her determination that makes her want to try, and those blue eyes who seek help when she needs it.  This little girl, all grown up.  

The next year is big for my baby.  She starts pre-school tomorrow and a new chapter in her book opens.  New friends, new teachers, new learnings ahead.  Knowing how much has changed and grown in the past three years, I'm excited and nervous to see what the next three bring.  Happy Birthday baby girl, I love you.

Cool Summer Breezes

Just after I wrote the last blog, we headed out to Vancouver Island for our family vacation.  And of course, the weather changed.  It wasn't horrible wet coast, but the sunshine hid a lot of the time.

But it still is a beautiful spot!!  

Saturday, August 16, 2008



Holly smokes, it's hot.  It's 30+ here today, no wind.  And where were we?  At a ball field all day.  I have the kids in the bath right now trying to cool them down.  I will then feed them a cold dinner, and hope that they can fall asleep in this heat.  I hope I can too!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Beauty of Utah

I wasn't too sure what to expect regarding the landscape of Utah.  Knowing full well that skiing is a big sport there, I expected mountains..  But it's a desert state too.  How does that work together.  Let me tell  you, beautifully!  

I was greeted with a double rainbow, we had nice weather and threw in a couple of thunder storms to boot.  The vegetation is stunning, and it's farmland between the high magestic mountains. 

My friend's garden was full of beautiful bright colours, and when we visited the temple, I saw more of that.  The Church buildings are outstanding, the attention to detail is impressive.

 All in all, Utah is a beautiful state and I hope to return one day.........soon.

Monday, August 11, 2008


, I am home from a totally awesome weekend in Utah.  I went to CKU, Creating Keepsakes University and had a BLAST!  I stay with the kindest women in the world, Suzanne along with my friend Ang and Lisa came to play a lot too.

The weekend was full of learning. Learning new scrapbooking tricks, learning how much I love scrapbooking, learning lots about my friends.

Oh, and the shopping - well that is another thread all together!!  LOL.

Not only did I enjoy CKU, but I enjoyed Utah as well.  It's a beautiful state and the scenery is stunning.  

I'm tired - haven't stayed up that long for so many nights in a row for a long long time.  But it was all worth it, every single minute of it!