Thursday, January 31, 2008

The last day of the month....

It seems as though the first month of 2008 has flown by.  I remember as a child wondering why adults always though the time went by so fast, when it seemed to take forever when you are young.  Now I know.

Did I accomplish anything in January?  Well, I worked too much in December, so tried to focus on the family more this month.  We did a visit to the Aquarium, took Braydon skiing, built snowmen, Braydon got to go ice skating, Kaylee got to hang out with Grandpa and I more, went out for a family dinner, played a lot of games together, did lots of crafts and read bedtime stories every night.  Actually last night, I came up with a new weekly feature - Make your own story up....coming every Wednesday night.  It was fun, both Braydon and I made up our own stories....his took a lot longer than mine.

Crazy day at work today.  I think they are all a bit crazy - but that is half the fun of it.  Just cracked a cold beer and plan on watching some hockey with Chris and entertaining the children.  

I have lost my voice, so  right now if you can hear me, I have a bluesy jazz thing going on.  Most people find it a bit entertaining, I would like my voice to come back.  I feel fine, just sound horrible!!

Tomorrow is the shortest month of the year (although the longest Feb in 3 years) so I have a feeling that time will not slow down.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More Snow....

Vancouver is most beautiful when covered in snow.  Truly a beautiful city all the time (even in the rain), I think that the details that the snow brings out makes it all more stunning.  The mountains, the trees, and of course, the rarely seen, almost mythical creature - the Snowman!!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of building "Shelly the Snowman" - the eyes and nose are made from shells that we collected from our vacation last September.  My son is just as creative as his mom.  Love to see that.

Both kids had a blast playing in the snow, there is just something so fun about it when you are a child.  When you are an adult, well you do what my husband did, shovel for two hours because the plow guys forgot about us (again).  He shoveled our our front, and all our neighbours including the main entrance.  And of course, the plow guys showed up three hours later.  Figures.

I mentioned earlier that I was asked to be on a digital scrapbooking design team, which is great.  Since that happened, I also applied to be on one for our local scrapbooking store.  Hopefully that works out too, cuz that's the one that has some money.  Regardless, I really enjoy the aspect of design and love the opportunity to use my photography in something that gives me instant gratification.  

Friday night is date night with Chris.  We are dropping the kids off to my parents and then heading to the Keg for dinner.  Can't wait.  It's been way too long since he and I were able to get a night to ourselves.

The snow is supposed to turn to rain in the city, but keep being the white fluffy stuff up in the mountain.  Vancouver is at it's worst when the slush season is upon us.  But that's okay, I think I will escape and head out for a ski.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Snow Day

Well, it snowed last night.  Big time.  Looks like 30cm outside, which is pretty rare around here.
I'm home sick again, although feeling better than yesterday.  I figure if I get the rest today, I will get better overall faster.  I did manage to take the dog out for a walk, which she loved.  Something about huskies and snow, just a natural fit.  Hopefully when the kids get home, we can build a snowman.  I don't want it to rain.
I should do some laundry and tidy up.  But I think I will make some lunch and veg on the couch.  I didn't eat dinner last night, so I am actually hungry now.

On the TV right now is a bunch of models falling down on the runway.  It's pretty funny.  Beautiful dresses, beautiful women, but they all fall like the rest of us.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Mom's are not allowed to be sick

Why not?  I don't get sick very often and I guess it's a good thing.  Children don't get "mom being sick"
I actually came home from work early today.  I don't usually do that.  When I woke up this morning, I felt like crap, but I came from the household of "you have to be half dead before you miss school" and somehow that stuck.  My breakfast was Dayquil and a couple cups of coffee, but I didn't feel any better, just worse.
So I came home and slept this afternoon.  No children in the house.  But eventually, they had to come home, and I tried to play Mom.  But my head is pounding and every bone and muscle in my body hurt.
Chris was great.  He tidied up and tried to explain to our children that I need quiet time.  But kids don't get it.  Instead of me lying in my bed, I got company.  I attempted dinner, but didn't bother eating.  The kids wanted to play after.  I went to lay down again, and again I got company.  Somehow watching Max and Ruby doesn't make me feel better.
So, the kids are heading to their own beds.  Chris made me some tea, and I'm crawling back into my bed, alone (except for the heating pad).  There is someone outside attempting to plow our street, more snow expected tonight.
I hope the truck that hit me drives away.  I don't like being sick.  And my kids don't like it either.

The First One....

January 28th - No real reason why all of a sudden I decided to go for a blog. A friend had one, and I liked the idea of keeping a journal. Plus, somewhere were I can post my photos and see if there is any evolution of kinds. I tend to ramble at the best of times, and this seemed like a good place to do so.

Chances are if you stumble accross this, you know me. You know I'm a mom to Kaylee and Braydon and a wife to Chris. I love to do a lot of things, and I find life very busy, but I have just what I want. I loving family.

I like to take pictures. I want to figure out how to do this real photography thing. I like to take those pictures and scrap them.....Chris wonders when that will stop. It won't.
I just got asked to be on a digital scrapbook design team, which is cool. No that I really know what I'm doing on the digital side (I'm a paper girl), but it's a good chance to experiement and play around.
Well, that's it for now. I'm sure there is a good chance I will never add anything....and a good chance I will come back often and ramble. I thought about writing a book once, I was going to call it the Mommy Chronicles...maybe this may be the start. Well, the second start, there is a word document with something on it somewhere.