Saturday, October 4, 2008

I will be right back

I know that I should have blogged the day - just been too busy!!  This is one of the first chances that I have had to sit and write.  Today I

  • Got up and made pancakes - aren't I a nice Mom?
  • Got the kids dressed for soccer in the rain
  • Went and worked four hours at a work party for KJs school
  • Went to a 5  year old b-day party, stuck around for a bit
  • went to Michael's and used some of my gift card
  • went back to the party
  • Chris went lens shopping for me
  • When I got home, I went lens shopping for me
  • I bought a new lens  :)
  • Bought dinner
  • Made dinner
  • Went to my friend's Carmen to help get her mojo
  • About to watch a movie with Chris
  • Did I mention I got a new lens????
Will be back with photos from said lens and lots more

1 comment:

Suzanne said...

I think the nice mom comment belongs on the line with the words "soccer" and "rain"! Did I hear something about a new lens?