Friday, July 30, 2010

Thanks Daddy

In a continued effort to ensure that I post what was important in June, I cannot miss Father's Day and a tribute post to my Dad.

My Dad instilled a lot of things growing up. Hard work counts. Tradition is important. Family comes first. And of all rules that were repeated, it was the one "sharing, sharing, sharing". This is a bit of a family joke, because really it's a law that derived from the Beaver / Scout movement. In fact, it's a direct lift - but it just became law somehow.

Dad isn't the huggy lovey type, but was the first to tell me how beautiful I looked when we went out. He wasn't the kind of guy who asked about boys, but made sure he listened at the dinner table.

I have fond memories of just him and me time growing up. He owned a gas station, a Chevron - and while I was only two when he sold it, I remember going to the store and hanging out with Joe (the german sheppard). I still love the smell of gasoline. I distinctly remember a night that Mom went out to bridge and Dad, an old car industry friend and I build cardboard boxes for his new autoparts store. I may have been 4 or 5.

The summers always had one "go to work with Dad" day, which meant that we got to drive up to Squamish and Whistler with him. The best part was when we arrived at the Husky Gas station in Whistler - cuz there was a dog there to play with.

We drove home together from the restaurant the night of my 16th birthday - which also contained a fight. There were a few others, those fight things, over the years - but it was always about him looking out for me, right or wrong.
It's funny now to watch how different the rules are. As Dad changes into Grandpa and how lightened and relaxed he is with Kaylee and Braydon. It's nice to see him have the time to play with them - when I was growing up he worked to ensure we had everything. We did.

So thanks Dad - thanks for everything.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Beaching it with KJ

A while back (you know, when I forgot to blog) Kaylee and I had a date day. Braydon was at a birthday party, and those can be a hard on KJ. She doesn't get really why she can't be included in on his buddies birthdays, cuz when they are at our house - she plays with them.

She's a party girl through and through, and really doesn't want to miss out on the action. I mean, what if they have fun??

So for this round, she and I planned a date. Headed to Deep Cove, went looking for crabs, had an ice cream cone, took a couple of photos and just had some good old girl time.

I hope as she gets older, we can keep doing these things together. It's nice for just us two to hang out. She's so full of life that you can't help but have your spirits raised by her. She just has a good vibe about her.

This is really her last summer as my baby for it's Kindergarten come fall, and that is big kid world. I love watching her grow and learn and experience, but at the same time - I would be just fine for her to stay my baby.

Last night she had a nightmare and crawled in with me. While I don't sleep well with her tosses and turns, there is something more comforting that her little self still needs to cuddle up with mom. May that never stop.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Scrappin' it up

Been a bit since I posted some lay outs, and I thought it was time.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Friday with my Boy

Braydon and I seem to be a whole lot alike.
We get frustrated at the same type of stuff, we both like to be right, we both try to push the edge a little to see what we can pull off. We are both quick to think on our feet and curious to see the world. We both like to make sure it's going to be ok, and we are the first to help out a friend. We are both leaders, we both like to be in charge, and neither of fond of the other one of us when they do the same thing to us. Yes, we fight. He is the child that frustrates me.

Braydon is my serious side of myself. It's the side that is always there, but I wish I would let free. It's the one that makes me be the coordinator of the friends, the one who makes sure that the lunches are made on time, the one that knows what the priority should be. He does not do well with time constraints, and neither do I.

And when we are both rushing out the door, we get mad. We get mad at ourselves but we take it out on each other. There, I just admitted, I am not perfect!

BUT, you take us out of a time crunch, and together we are kindred spirits. His love for nature matches mine. His passion to be free in the wilderness and run amongst the trees and I am right there with him. His respect for Mother Nature and appreciation of where we live makes me happy to be there with him.

So last Friday we hit Lynn Headwaters. Just us two again, the best of pals. The watch left at home and the canyon our playground. Over the suspension bridge, him leading the way, me following with my camera.

As he grows, my photo shoots are more limited with him. But this day, it was smiles, giggles, full out laughter. He is the one that makes me laugh so hard I cry. Yes, the serious one makes me laugh that hard. Some hiking, some ice cream and some time together - a perfect morning.
I have noticed that my little boy, well is quickly leaving the childhood. So when I get these days together, I treasure them. And when we have mornings like we did today, I am glad that I have the photos, the memories and the wisdom to get a big kiss before bedtime.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What 10 lbs can do for the ego

Weight and I have a relationship. Can't say it's my favorite relationship - but one that I will have my whole life so I might as well make the best of it.

It's not my goal to be "skinny", but healthy is where I am heading. For my wedding nine years ago, I was at a weight that was healthy. After a few different goes at Weight Watchers, it was a good place to be. And bad eating habits. Then a baby. Then back to Weight watchers. Life. Another baby. Back to Weight Watchers. And...finally....I got my lifetime.

As proud as I was, I was still back to bad habits, and over the last four years all that weight I "lost" was "found" again.

But, life this time, I am using as an example and using it to motivate me. Unfortunately my Mom has the same relationship with weight, and it was winning. After landing in the hospital in April with breathing issues, she went back to WW. Knowing if I didn't change too (and realizing that talking about joining again isn't the same as doing), I headed back.

After my gallbladder surgery, I lost about five pounds. Banking on the fact that I liked the results, I got my butt back to a meeting, and while it's coming off slowly - it's coming off. In total, I am down 10 pounds.

I still have a bit to go (more than a bit, but little goals are more attainable) - but I am going to win this battle. And with some self determination, this may be my last losing round. I would love to, and am motivated to, keep it off. Healthy. That is the end result I am looking for.

Benifits so far...well today I wore a pair of pants that I haven't dared to put on for a couple years. Last week, I threw on a shirt that my Mom bought me three years ago that I just removed the tag off. And I bought myself a new summer dress.
And since I was having a good hair day - thought I would take a couple of "in the middle of it" photo (if I am brave....I will share at the end a before and after).

My last reveal at Scrap Yourself

Once again, it's a reveal day at Scrap Yourself, my last for now. I've enjoyed the journey and plan to keep up with the challenges. Hopefully I will have time again in the near future to join the DT there again.

This time around, it was Pet Peeves. Ohhhh how I have many, but with the way things are going around these days, I thought I would do one about people who are just too serious.

We all know the type, we all have them in our family, our friends and co-workers. It's those people who have nothing but advice, to tell you how it should be, to tell you their worries and woes. Life it too short people. Focus on the good, fix what you can and move on. Sometimes you just have to stop and laugh. It's a simple thing, and guess what - can really make a difference.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Reminded Again

Today, I had the rare pleasure of being in downtown Vancouver. For those of you who know me well, you know that my adventures off the North Shore are limited - not because I hate going downtown, but because I love the North Shore so much.

But I was quickly reminded what a beautiful city our whole city is. I mean, visually, you would be hard to win an argument that there is a prettier city out there. But as I sat on the corner of a building located right by the waters edge, I enjoyed the city life for all the west coast as to offer.

Parking underground, I laughed as I emerged to a huge Tim Hortons line up. Only a good ol Canuck is willing to wait for their timmies. As I sat outside (with a quicker version of coffee today), I watched the best of our city walk by. Lulu lemons jogging past....north face jackets, coffee in everyone's hand, power suits walking beside mom's with strollers, hard to tell who is a local and who is a visitor.

As I sat in my meeting, I enjoyed the huge office window and watched the float planes come in and out . With the wind making the water glisten with the white caps and the blue skies emerge over the mountains, well if you have to be stuck in a meeting - that is where you want to do it.

The only thing that wasn't right about the camera was at home.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Way Up High

Today Chris gets a well deserved golf day with the guys, so I thought I would take the kids up the mountain.

And up we went. Up the Tram.
Up the Chairlift.

And Up the Eye of the Wind.

Other sites and scenery....including paragliding and bears

Friday, July 9, 2010

Me and My Dog and My Son

It was just a me and Braydon day - they are pretty rare and I really enjoy them. We decided that Takaya needed some coolness of her own on this hot hot summer day - so we headed for the river. She's almost 10 now, and getting into the car is the biggest challenge, but once she hit the water, she was all puppy again.

Her famous move is to lie down in the cool refreshing river. I think this is because she has the second almost wool layer of fur, and it takes a minute or two to penetrate through to cool her down.

As always, we played a little ball, and as always, she lost the tennis ball we brought. And as always, she now smells, but is much cooler and happier for the adventure.
Braydon hit the pool again today, and I can see him improving all the time. Tonight we are heading out for some family time, looking forward to it.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I am Wonder Woman

and Jamie Sommers. Always have been.

At Scrap Yourself this week, I got to pick the theme. It was top of mind because Braydon asked me about my favorite things from childhood. I was very very lucky during my childhood, I have nothing but fond memories of playing in the neighbourhood, being able to use my imagination and doing lots of fun things.

One of the things that I spent more than a summer doing was being Wonder Woman or Jamie Sommers. Those two 1970's shows were my favs. Two powerful women doing good in the world. Strong, fast, beautiful....why not look up to them. For the majority of 2+ summers, I LIVED in my Wonder Woman bathing suit. The Superhero Mom in my world was smart enough to know how much I treasured it and bought more than one, and more than one size.

It must have been a birthday, not sure, but in my possession were some gold (ok, yellow plastic) wrist cuffs, belt and the crown. For sure the walkie talkies that were a birthday gift just added to the fun of those summers communicating to the other Superheros in my posse.

Unfortunately, I can only find one washed out photo of me in my first "power suit", and it's such poor quality that scanning didn't really work well. But the memories are clear as day - and I was happy to capture it all in a lay out.

Yes Virginia, there was a June

I just forgot to blog. A lot. Again. Oops.

It's just that the surgeries took a bit more out of me than I expected, and once you get away from doing this for a bit...well it's hard to get back on track.

Many things have happened, but I never know where or how to catch up, start again, blah blah blah. So here is the deal. I will blog today. Then I will blog over the next couple of weeks things that have happened over the past month, then hopefully I will have caught tup and will keep up.

Today I got to play catch up with my friend Jen - it too has been way too long since we hung out with the kids. When they moved away last year (all of four blocks) I knew our daily time together would no longer be the same, but reality is - when you don't live next door to each other, it's a lot more challenging to fit in the time.
Having said that, meeting at the water park today was like no time passed at all. Braydon and Brad embraced each other with the biggest best friend hug possible. My heart melted. I had hoped that they would remain friends, but worried that a year apart in school may have changed that. It did not.
Rachel and KJ also got a long, and for them, their's is the relationship that has grown. Now that Rachel is three, they play with each other and enjoy each other's company much more.
Back to our place for a hot dog lunch with popsicles for dessert - it was a perfect summer day. Now we are off to watch some baseball and enjoy these warm summer nights