Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thursday it is

So instead of getting on here early this morning I made my kids pancakes and started up the stew for dinner. I love coming home to dinner already done. And I love that I had the time to make them pancakes today.

My friend Tracey has posted a challenge for us to keep track of what we are thankful for on a daily basis. I forgot to add this last night - but better late than never. Yesterday, I was thankful for

1) being able to play baseball with my kids

2) making extra pasta because when Chris put on the parmasean cheese, it had turned and he couldn't eat the first serving

3) knowing that my friend Katie had a healthy baby boy the night before

4) being able to take some of my co-workers out for a drink after a long day

5) having a husband who "gets" my busy world and is supportive

6) having a husband who bought new pillows for us last night

On the note of the pillows, today I am thankful that my new pillows and bed (smell is getting better) are really comfortable.

Today I need to get ready for the snow show. I need to do some reporting and I need to drink that coffee that is sitting in front of me. I forgot to bring my camera, so I will have to put some stuff into my head for later. Let's hope I can remember it all :)

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Lisa and DJ said...

I'm hoping your pillows don't stink too! Enjoy your stew tonight!