Saturday, October 4, 2008

and now for some photos and a few words

Let's be real - the favorite part of my day was the purchase of my new lens.  I have wanted one for awhile, and treated myself - fully supported by Chris.  This is a 18-250, which means it replaces both my zoom and my regular kit lens.  The best thing about it, I don't have to switch lenses anymore!!!  

I will sell my zoom that I already had - but I gotta say, I LOVE THIS THING!!!  Can't wait to take it out and play some.

So, today as mentioned below was busy.  Here are some photos to represent.  Please note the disclaimer on the closet - I am apparently the  only member of the family who is able to close it and put shoes away in an orderly fashion.  When I leave the house and allow the others to come back from a soccer game - this is what the front door looked like!

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Suzanne said...

Fun face painting going on there. Congrats on the new lens. I really really want a new camera! For now it's stealing Brandons.