Wednesday, October 1, 2008

12 hours since the first post

Okay, I have an hour before I have to go back to work.  The problem with working at a place that is open long hours - it's hard to find a time that we can all get together for a staff meeting.  So it's an 8pm meeting.  I can't skip it since I called it.

Today at work I was kind of busy.  Lots going on prepping for the upcoming winter season.  I had a couple of meetings, did lots of stuff on the computer - coached a few staff and took a few pics.  Caught this leaf one after I dropped the boys off at school.

This guy is Kevin Zhu.  He's my roomie in my office.  Technically it's my office, but he's been there for two years....  Zhu is the IT guy - and while most think he's quiet and runs around fixing the computers - he is so much more.  We have a good laugh every day together - we have kids the same age - we get lunch and coffee for each other.  He's a good room mate.  Plus, I have an awesome computer monitor cuz it's his "old" one.

I met up with my friend Lorraine for lunch today.  We try to get together once every couple of months, but it's always longer than that.  She's such a great spirit and it was good to catch up.  We live very different lives, but are kindred spirits.

After work today, I ran to the grocery store and ran into my friend's Mom - Jan.  She is still such a sweet lady.  Good to see her.

When I got home I played baseball with both kids.  Kaylee is figuring out how to hit off the T, and Braydon continues to knock them out of the park.  Dinner was stuffed pasta, but I was still stuffed from lunch so I passed.

Okay, kids in pjs, zoneing out watching some TV.  Chris is getting new pillows and a scented candle (the foam mattress stinks).


Lisa and DJ said...

My life is a little better now that I know your buddy Kevin and I was informed that your foam mattress stinks. :)

Suzanne said...

LOL Thanks for sharing your day, I enjoyed meeting Kevin. Spray some Fabreeze on the mattress. It will air out eventually. It was probably made in China, don't lick it!