Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 7 - Sunday Sunday

I do recall last time that I started off the beginning of the week all gung ho, and slowing down as the week progressed. This time, I said to myself that won't happen. Yes it did. But that's ok too. The sickness and Mom ending up in the hospital kinda threw this typical week into a not so typical week, but all in all, glad it's still documented. It does show how crazy life can be, and how I adjust accordingly.

Sunday's are finally back to being at home. After working all winter long on Sunday's - they are extra special this time of year because I get to hang with my family.

I woke up to kids quietly playing lego and building things, which I love to see.

Chris took the dog out, the kids played on the computer (it still blows me away with how good they are on it!!)

Then Kaylee and I walked to swimming. Love getting some just girl time in.

Little hand favorite thing.

Some grocery shopping (this was a cheap shop!!)


making a card

going to a few open houses (it's our thing these days), and prepping for the next week.

Braydon needed to bring a recipe to school and he picked out chocolate marshmallow cake. Mmmmm. MY favorite! Should make that soon.

In the evening, things quiet. Chris and I have our tea, the dog bugs me to take her out, I am happy that the antibiotics are working full force and that Mom is feeling better. The week comes to an end, but the next one will be just as busy, most likely as crazy, and hopefully appreciated as I go along.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 6 - Saturday

Back on track. Raining. Typical weekend in Vancouver.

1) Head to baseball in the rain

2) Visit Tim Horton's on the way home from baseball. Coffee for Mom, special special treat for the kids

3) Finish making the quilt for my friend Juila. Hope to see her this weekend.

4) Tidy up around the house, check in on Mom, learn that dinner is on for tonight. So much for resting Mom! Watch kids be cute

5) Get decorated with jewlrey from the children.

6) Watch Chris show Richard how his new Blackberry works

7) Have a nice dinner with family.

8) Make people pose for photos

9) Get a rare one of my mom and her brother Bob

10) Go home and get a good nights sleep.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Frenzied Friday

I will admit that I am posting this later than it happened. But that is the way life goes sometimes.

Friday I dragged my butt out of bed. Two days sick is enough. While I was feeling a little better, I still was not 100% and my throat was killing me. After getting the kids fed and off to school, I headed into work.

Kaylee is cute, but she is going to win an award for slowest eater ever....

At work, I called into my docs office to find out that I can make appointments for the clinic. I headed down after my first morning meeting and the on call doc said it was most likely strep. While results wouldn't be in for a few days, since it was the weekend she would give me some antibiotics and I could get going with getting better.

When you leave an office like mine, and your leave your camera, you can expect a few special treats when you look back at your photos.

As the day carried on, I was looking forward to dinner with my aunt and uncles....I was slow on the uptake of photos for the day, but would get lots that night. Then Dad called. Dad never calls me at work.

Mom was in the ER, having problems breathing. I headed down to see what was happening. At first, they weren't sure - could be anything from a possible blood clot to heart issues, to lung issues. Not fun seeing your parent in distress. I took Dad back home to get some stuff for mom and to get ahold of our dinner company to let them know it was postponed. Then back to the ER to drop off Dad, while Chris and I grabbed Mom's car from where it got left at the doc's office. Before I even got home, Mom was being released.

Chest x-ray, CT scan and lots of blood work later, turns out it was a chest infection that just took over and she needed some antibiotics, rest and to take care of herself.

So the day had it's highs and lows - but ended up all good. Bedtime milk and everyone into their own beds. A little photo shy, but that's ok. That's how the day rolled.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 4 - The other sick day

I had all plans to go to work today. Determined what I was wearing and everything. Except that I had a horrible sleep, woke up with a throat that was more sore than the night before, and a headache to keep me down for the day. So I did something I never do, called in sick for a second day in a row.

The morning routine needs to be just that, routine. It's the biggest stress part of the day for me, kids who are slow, one who barely eats breakfast, another that thinks playing wii is the most important part of life some days. It's one of the reasons we get up early, so everyone can get what they need from the morning and hopefully it all goes well. Making lunch is part of my morning task.

Chores have FINALLY started in my house. Braydon kept asking for money, and I told him the chores he had to do, and then he stopped asking for money. But we are on week two, and one of his tasks in the morning is to take the dog out back so she can make it to her walk time later in the day. Kaylee's task range, depending on the day.

I love our closet organizer - love it even more when people actually put their stuff in it. We hope to do the same thing to our bedroom closets in the fall.

I crawled back into bed once the kids were at school. Attempted a nap, but that didn't work out. I basically flipped between HGTV, W Network and TLC all day long. I am pretty sure that I can renovate and sell my house by myself for a low cost. I just wish I had the energy to do some of it.

Soup was the only thing I wanted for lunch. At 38 years of age, there is still something about chicken noodle when you aren't feeling the best. And while there are many more fancy types out there, I like the same stuff Mom made, Lipton's. That with my laptop kept me entertained for a bit.

We have had Takaya for 9 years. We got Harley three years ago. They still cannot be left alone. I thought.......for a brief moment.......that maybe today world peace happened in my living room.

Then world peace ended. Fast.

My friend (whom I always picture as a 12 year old) had a baby last week. She's not 12 I guess. More like 28. I get to meet the little one over the weekend (providing I feel better), and thought a gift was in order. I picked up these beautiful pieces of fabric at the craft show last weekend, and so wish I had bought more to make something for me!

Anyhow, I made the top piece, and will pick up the rest of the fabric tomorrow. Voila, done.

Chris decided we needed a lawn mower for our massive lawn. This is funny because we do not have a massive lawn. We do have a small 10x10 area, that keeps getting destroyed by the gardeners. He got a great deal on a push mower (of course, he needed to build it), and hopefully this will keep our area green and not muddy. So tonight we seeded our special little patch and will watch it grow.

To help in this process, I needed to rake. I thought I would set the timer to take a photo of this. I have trained my children SO well, that KJ heard the beeping and ran over to be in the picture. By far my fav of the day.

I got hit up for Girl Guide Cookies. I had to sell them for so many years, I will buy them from any kid wanting to sell them to me.

The kids are getting clean, and I am about to put the second load of laundry on. Dinner at mom and dad's tomorrow - my aunt and uncle are in town. Looking forward to it.

Nyquil will be my friend tonight.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day Three - the sick day

I so rarely take sick days. I grew up in a house that for you to be home, you had to be half dead. But this head cold is hanging on, and I need it gone before surgery. So I stayed home.

I wish I had slept in, but of course, I was wide awake early. Harley kept me company.

After getting the kids off to school, I crawled back into bed. And brought a cup of tea to relax with.

Can't spend the whole day in bed, so I scrapped a bit. Here are some previews (can't reveal any of them yet, sorry).

All in all, I got four lay outs done........and this is what my kitchen table looks like after that.

I also got Takaya out for a walk.

Did some vacuming.

Had a snack.

Filled up the fish tank with some fresh water.

Made dinner for tonight and tomorrow - pretty impressive. Chicken pot pie and chilli. I love coming home to a cooked dinner. The kids "cleaned up" their Easter Candy - to find out that they have tons left! They pooled it together, hope it goes soon.

Need to head to bed. Night.