Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Review of the Weekend

The roast is sitting in the oven.  My knees are killing me from all the running around this weekend.  I am surprised that I only downloaded 87 photos - it seems like it was a 1000 photo weekend.  It really was a great weekend.

Friday was a professional day.  And one good thing about Chris being off work - we don't need to figure out what to do with Braydon on a professional day.  They had an awesome father / son day.  Started off walking the dog, then heading out to deep cove to do some exploring, then they went for a bike ride to get a slurpee.  Braydon's eyes were FULL of happiness by the time I got home.

Saturday morning, ball was early.  But still, we weren't done till noon.  After lunch, the kids and I went to Maplewood Farms with my parents.  The sun was shining and there were some really cute little new babies around.  Including some lambs that must have only been a couple of days old.  This little guy was my fav.

And while I did have full intention of getting a nice photo of my parents and my kids - that did not happen.  Guess the best shots are never planned.

There was lots more playing after the farm - hockey, playground, running around.  Dinner was  a disaster (undercooked the meat big time), but all in all it was still a good night.  We have now officially caught up on 9 million hours of Celebrity Apprentice.

Sunday the kids painted birthday presents for Nana and Papa.  Their birthdays were actually a couple of weeks ago, and we are late.  But this was the first chance that we would have seen them.  Kaylee made Papa a frame (which we added a pic of the kids) and Braydon painted a flower pot for Nana (which we added a potted flower).  I honestly don't there there are two people who love my kids as much as their great grandparents.  They love them beyond bits.

Before heading to Nana and Papa's - we decided to go to Science World.  This is the first time we went as a family, and I have to say it's SO much easier with two parents as each kid always wants to do something different.  What was really cool was seeing Chris try everything and checking it all out.  

The current display is their Lego world.  Um, these people can make amazing things out of lego!!  WOW.  

After our visit with Nana and Papa, we went house hunting for fun.  There are two places across the street from us, and one down the road.  Oh if only we had money.  Actually one place I loved, but it was only a two bedroom.  Oh well.

Ok, need to make dinner, then it's bath night and Braydon needs his hair cut. 

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Attempt #3 at Catch Up #1

This is now the third time I am trying to publish my blog.  Hmmm, maybe Chris is right about my computer slowing down because it has 6500 photos on it.  Hmmm.

Anyhow, I'm a bit behind on my blog.  Haven't actually used the main computer a lot, well except to dump photos  :)

So this is post #1 for catching up.  Hope to do a bit every couple of days.  This is Easter.  Ya ya, it was two weeks ago - but this is about Easter.

On Friday, Brad came to hang out so that his Mom could pack (they are moving).  We decided to do the dyed eggs, which with two 6 year old boys and a 3 year old with the nickname Princess Disaster....well I was wondering how it would all go.  But with rules in place and a wide space to work in, the eggs are beautiful, and the kids had a great time.

Since I have had children, Easter weekend has been cold and wet.  This was no exception.  The neighbourhood organizes an egg hunt on the Saturday - which for some reason I only learned about last year a bit too late.  But this year we were well organized and even donated some eggs.  We almost missed it again as apparently WW3 happened while I was out walking the dog in the rain, but lucky for the kids they got out of jail just in case.  Regardless, the weather stayed true.
It was very cute watching the kids run around and collect things.  Kaylee herself showed that the hunt was the best part, she would walk past a pile of eggs (like 20) and take one.  Sweet thing.
Easter Sunday here brought another egg hunt in the living room, and a basket full of things from the bunny that did not contain more chocolate.  Some outside fun stuff like bubbles, skipping ropes and race cars.  The weather was ugly, so we hung inside together.  I ended up with a flat tire (another story all together), but the day ended by heading up to Grandma and Grandpa's for dinner.
Mom's turkey rocks.  No doubt.  I made eclairs, as that seems to be the dessert I always remember at Easter time.  I had only made them once before, but they were yummy yummy yummy.  

While the weekend was longer than usual, it still seemed to go by too fast.  At least there were moments like this.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

So the sun comes out....

Finally spring has arrived.  So with the sun in the sky and two kids begging to hit a playground, we headed out to Bridgeman Park this morning for the playground and to throw some rocks in the river.  Free Fun!

Chris is at a baseball thing this morning, so he didn't get in on the action today, but we will go back.  It's one of my favorite parks, and apparently for the kids too.

Friday, April 3, 2009

And the waiting is over

We have known for awhile that work was getting scarce down at the yard where Chris works.  Lay offs have been happening, but we thought we would make it.

Not any more.

Chris was told today that due to a shortage of work, he was being laid off.  We have no idea for how long - but at least now we know it's done.  It's  been hovering over us for a couple of months - and in some ways it's better that it's done.

We will be okay for a bit, not sure how long for.  But we will figure it out.  We have each other, and lots of other things going for us.