Sunday, June 28, 2009

Need a personal assistant

Then my blog would be kept up. Really, I have the best of intentions, but I never seem to get here. It's actually the photo part. I really wish that it was faster to upload them, and that I had access to my photos regardless of what computer I am using (they are on the upstairs computer).

Anyhow, here I am again catching up. Where to start???

It was Father's Day last week - and Mom, Dad and Richard came down for brunch. Chris picked out some yummy ricotta pancakes. I will admit I was a wee bit skeptical, but MMMMmmmm they were GOOD! So making them again.

After eating, we played bocchi. Chris picked up a plastic set last week and it's a ton of fun. I can see us playing this often. Richard hung out and played for awhile and Grandma and Grandpa watched from the sidelines.

I of course made my family smile, as a photo of me, Richard, Mom and Dad together is a RARE thing.

Chris still isn't working, but we are enjoying our weekends together. A couple weeks back we headed into Lynn Canyon and went for a walk. It was a beautiful day, and Chris went back later in the week to find some areas that would be good for Braydon and him to do some hiking together. They are going to have an awesome summer. I will have to remind him to take a camera!!

Today we headed to Chris' Dad's for lunch. Combo belated Father's Day and early birthday for Chris. Their garden is spectacular. I just can't imagine how much work it would be to upkeep it, but wow, it really is beautiful.

This sunflower is from a seed off our sunflower from last year. Susan gave me the seeds for the poppy above for next year.

I cleaned my room today. It still needs work. I really need to purge. Throw out ( really donated) half the stuff in my house. We keep way too much crap. I have a four day weekend next weekend, maybe I will get on that! If I do, I promise to blog about it.

And I have to say, I am happy to have caught this photo today, my babies sure look all grown up.