Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Almost two hours later

Let's just go with the computer camera doesn't take the best photos  :)

Since my last post I have

*washed and done my hair
*got clothes for Braydon to get dressed in
*helped KJ get ready
*ironed my shirt
*got dressed in warm clothes for the walk
*fed the kids breakfast
*made the kids lunch
*walked KJ, Braydon and Takaya to Margaret Heights pre-school (well Braydon rode his bike)
*Apologized to a neighbour for Takaya peeing in her yard last week
*Picked up Brad and brought him back to our place
*stopped a fight between two best friends (they usually only last for 2 mins anyhow)
*taught the boys how to spell two words
*got my make up done and changed into my work clothes
*about to head out the door to walk the boys to school and then head to work.


Suzanne said...

So far I've read your blog twice today! You are one multi-tasking lady.

Lisa and DJ said...

This is such a fun idea! BUT ha ha, you were up earlier than I was and I have a new baby!!