Sunday, March 30, 2008

Winter is coming to an end....

I love winter.  I love the snow, skiing, the cool air.  I think one of the most beautiful things in the world is a tree with snow sitting on the branches.

My dog loves winter, my kids love winter - and I married a man who can even make it snow!

However, this winter has been long.  Work has been very busy for me this year, and that means less weekend time together with the family.  So for that reason alone, I am ready to say good bye to winter.

Don't get me wrong, before it's all said and done, I want a couple more ski days in, but let them be sunny and warm.  Let it stop snowing, even in the mountains.  Let the temps rise, the flowers to bloom and days to get longer.  Let's face it - the next best thing to snow on those branches - cherry blossoms.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

5 Years ago...

Five years ago, my son Braydon was born - March 21, 2003.  Weighing in at 8.6, and 11 days over due, the decision for a c-section was finally made so I could meet my son.

Being a Mother was something I knew I always wanted.  Always.  It took a long time for  him to come along, and this moment could not have been better.

Every day since my life has been  better.  The only moment to meet this was the birth of Braydon's sister two years later.

Braydon is an amazing child. All boy, full of energy. A lot like his father - strong, independent, very smart, athletic, stubborn, beautiful, and kind hearted.  A lot like his mother - compassionate, creative, logical, sensitive, stubborn, vocal and thoughtful.

These five years have gone by so quickly.  I look at him know and wonder what I missed as he has grown.  What more is there to come?  I asked him today what he was most excited about being five - knowing full well that his answer would be kindergarten.  When he didn't want to eat the crust on his sandwich tonight I told him that five year olds had to.  So he did.  :)

I love him with all my heart and soul.  The love you have for your child cannot be put into words easily....but he knows it, and that's what really matters.

Happy Birthday Braydon.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

7 Random Things

Lisa tagged me to list seven random things about me.  Don't know if anyone will find this interesting  - but hey.

1.  I have nine toe nails.  I'm not a freak or anything, I DO have 10 toes.  When I was younger, I had such a severe infection in my toe, that they had to remove my middle right toe nail.  I never remember about it until I go to paint my nails in the summer.

2. The only sport that I am truly good at is skiing.  I'm okay with that.  Oh ya, I like to ski with boys usually more than girls, cuz I like to ski, not go in for hot chocolate.

3.I actually like being short.  At 5.1 - I have no issues with my height.  I can creatively get things from an upper shelf if needed, can fit into an airplane seat better than most, and have no problems using my tippy toes to kiss my husband.

4. I have an incredibly clear memory of my very early childhood years.  I have a few strong memories of my grandfather who died when I was three, and remember lots of other parts of my childhood that there are no photos to trigger my thoughts.  I can even tell you what dress my grandmother was  wearing on my second birthday.

5. I love to draw murals.  I have done both of my children's room, as well as three others.  If I could quit work and do something different, that would be it.  Well, that and photography.

6. I suck at cleaning.  This is not a revelation. 

7. My favorite dinner is teriyaki salmon, fresh steamed asparagus and new baby nugget potatoes (drowning in butter).  If you are going to make it any better, throw in a nice bottle of red wine, something chocolate for dessert and a sharing the evening with friends.

I cannot sleep

Sleep is something I treasure.  But this week (well, except last night), it is something that is not easy to come by.

I find when I am most creative, I cannot sleep.  Thoughts, designs, colours, textures, concepts, drawings, painting all flow through my head.  This causes me to think, create more and while that is good during the day - well it doesn't let me sleep.

Getting up, doing something creative sometimes gets it "out of my system", other times it doesn't.

I do think however I have come to an answer while many famous artists go 'crazy' - it's all from a lack of sleep.

It's 11:36.  I must once again attempt to go to sleep.  Tomorrow I shall wake and be creative.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Boyz Birthday Party

Braydon and Brad. Brad and Braydon.  More like brothers than friends.  Only three weeks apart in age, it just made sense to have one birthday party.
A sports theme to keep them occupied and a Transformers cake to eat - everyone seemed to have fun.  Two hours of running around, cake and ice cream meant for tired kids that night - but they made the best of "their" day together.  
I'm glad they have each other - they truly are BFFs.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

And now I am 36....

I so clearly remember the book by AA I added 30 years I am not sure.
Today, I am 36.  And I have to say, it's off to a great start!  Last night we celebrated my birthday at my parents, and much to my surprise - I received an amazing gift from my parents and Chris.

I'm going to Utah.

What's in Utah you ask?  Well, for this little scrapbooking girl a whole lot of fun.  I will be attending CKU - Creating Keepsakes University.  And I get to stay with a friend as well as meet a couple other ladies in which I "know" through the small world of the web.  I'm so excited that I had a hard time sleeping last night!!  I did throw it out there as a gift idea, but NEVER thought in a million years that I would be able to go.  So thank you everyone, you really made turning 36 just as much fun as 6!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Birthday Month

March is the birthday month.  I love March.

This month, I turn 36 and Braydon turns 5.  It's a great month in Vancouver.  You can ski in the morning and sail in the afternoon (of course, I would have to own a sailboat....but at least I can ski.)  I get to celebrate my own birthday (I love my birthday) and be with my son to celebrate another milestone in his life.

Birthday's are awesome.  I owe it to my Mom and Dad for me liking it so much.  Let's be real - full credit to Mom.  Growing up, the birthday child was king or in my case, Queen for the day. We got to choose what to eat for breakfast (it was  a great year when I figured out that meant I could get away with eating ice cream) lunch and dinner.  Mom had presents for us waking up, lunch, coming home from school, before dinner, dinner, after dinner and of course the traditional "do you need one more before bed?" gift.  And while the gifts were great  - really the best memories are of the family time and togetherness on my birthday.

Cakes for me - that was Grandma's department for many years.  Angle food cake with rainbow confetti in it, marshmallow icing and coins stuck into the cake for an extra special surprise!!  When it was Mom's turn to make the cake, she swore up and down when making that icing - but did it anyhow.

Now Braydon is reaching an age where birthdays are all so important.  For him, five is important.  Big things to accomplish this year.  First and foremost - Kindergarten.  The training wheels will apparently go this summer too, which means a lot more bumps and bruises, scraped knees and tears too.  At five, he's remained tried and true to his best friend Brad, a loyal brother to Kaylee, and a great son for Chris and I.  I don't even have to really mention that the joy he brings to his five grand parents and five great grandparents is unmeasurable.

So - to all who may be reading and celebrating a birthday in this great month of March (and I know you are Suzanne) - Happy Birthday!!  Some of the best people I know are born this month!