Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday Sunday

Another busy one for the books.  Not enough hours in the day. Or maybe too many things in the day?

Had fun with the new lens, but didn't get out to take what I wanted to.  Hope tomorrow the weather works that I can play some at work with it.  I did have the kids out, and caught some from there.  

Today I
  • got up and got everyone dressed
  •  made breakfast
  • cleaned the fridge
  • went grocery shopping
  • played with the kids outside
  • made lunch
  • went to Scrap Arts and taught the altered canvas frame, had a great class
  • bought myself an acrylic album, excited to work on that
  • came home, played with the kids 
  • met my neighbours brand new son
  • made dinner, it was horrible (freezer burned hamburgers)
  • bathing the kids as I type
  • have a headache (may have something to do with the children) 
  • need to make muffins / lunches / lasagna.

Busy week again next week.  I guess I should stop saying that, they all are.  It's not like all of a sudden we are going to stop doing things.  But I'm glad that I'm documenting this stuff so when I have that spare time, I will appreciate it even more.


Suzanne said...

I heard a quote today that you reminded me of: There is only "an elusive and nonexistant future when you'll have time to do all you want to do, enjoy the journey now". I can see you are enjoying your journey and I enjoy that you share it with me. Looks like Kaylee had some rough moments today, I can relate.

Lisa and DJ said...

I loved catching up on your weekend. Love the pouty photo of Kaylee!