Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Dye Christmas List

Somewhere around 1998, we realized that Christmas had to change.
Each year, the Dye side of the family gathers to celebrate Christmas together. Truth be told, it's one of my favorite things of the season. I am lucky enough to have 5 cousins (there are 7 Dye Cousins together including my brother and I). We are fairly close in age, and all get along really well. Aside from being relatives, we are all proud to call each other friends.
Well, as we started multiplying - you know getting married, having children, our seven cousins and six aunts and uncles all of a sudden became a lot more. To date, there are now 7 cousins with 6 spouces, and a total of 10 "sub" cousins and of course, the remaning six aunts and uncles which brings us to a total of 29 Dyes.
When the growth started to happen, my Mom suggested that we should draw names instead of everyone getting gifts for everyone. And the Dye Christmas Draw was born. As the largest fan of the season and the "middle" cousin, I took on the coordinating task of this list. The "rules" are that you do not give to a direct family member (brother / sister / husband / wife / parent) unless it's the senior Dye Boys (my Dad and his two older brothers). You won't give to the same person for at least four years through the rotation. Under the age of 18 does not go into the rotation, as they will receive individual Dye clan gifts (eg, my kids will get two gifts, one from the Laurie Dyes and one from the Ken Dyes).
The 2008 list just went out last night. It's a bit late, but out none the less. I am giving to Auntie Pym. It will be a strange Christmas this year, as none of the Ken Dye's will be represented. Ken and Fran are celebrating 50 years of marriage, and are taking all their kids and grandkids on a a cruise. But I am sure that the Laurie Dyes and Gardiner Dye's, along with the five cousins, and four sub cousins will have a great time.
Hey, it's only 2 months and 9 days till Christmas.


Suzanne said...

What a fun family tradition. Coming from HUGE families on both sides, I have cousins that I've never met. It's great that you have great memories to share.

Lisa and DJ said...

Well here in good ol' Utah lots of people have huge, HUGE families...DJ's is one of them!

Hollee said...

OMG - A totally cool life and you can wear a hat too!! No fair!!! :( (insert pouty face here!) lol