Thursday, July 30, 2009

I could do this more often

Getting a hang of this vacation thing. Kids actually slept in this morning (could be something to do with the heat for the past few days, plus play play play). Decided that another relaxing day of not doing much would be good again.

Because of the late start, we just hung out in the morning and didn’t head down to the beach until 11ish. We planned to meet the Knibbs and did lunch on the beach today. Sand and all. Another good couple of sunshine, surf and fun times. Boggy boarding is a huge hit with the kids and kills a few hours.

I had this grand plan to sneak off for a couple hours this afternoon on my own. But this kids wanted to come with me, and since this is about them, the three of us took off for a bit. I kept looking for the cute shops that Jen and I found last year, only to realize after about ten minutes driving that we were in Parksville and last year we were in Quallicum. Oh well. We did pick up a scrapbooking mag and some things for the kids, as well as some fresh fruit. Gotta love fresh fruit.

We decided to throw another round of golf in before dinner. Much cooler (although still silly hot) this time round.

This evening our friend Eric arrived for the last two nights. After some burgers we headed back to the beach for another round of fun in the water. Busy day tomorrow, last full day. Looking forward to it all.

Favourite parts of the day

Braydon: boogy boarding, playing with Brad, golfing and night swimming
Kaylee: booogy boarding, staying up late, swimming with Rachel and golfing
Chris: beer and friend coming to visit, got through a lot of his book today
Kirsten: lunch with friends and having a fun vacation

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Suzanne said...

Love reading your favorites for each day. Great idea!