Monday, July 27, 2009

Early risers

Another early start to the day, KJ was up at 7am. Hello? Have my children not heard of sleeping in????

I finally gave up and got up with the kids and tidyed up while they watched some TV. The only plan of the day was going to the beach. We did a good shift down there, thank goodness for the wind. It kept it beautiful and enjoyable on this hot day. Darren and Alexa were down there, and we decided to have a sand building castle. If I won, Alexa would draw me a picture. If she won, I bought the kids an ice cream cone. Guess who won??
In the afternoon we headed to this massive playground just up the road. It’s huge and has every apparatus a kid could imagine. Except for the lack of shade, it was fantastic.

Later afternoon we headed back down to the beach and went on a shell and sand dollar hunt. Not a lot of dollars, but some beautiful shells. One of my favorite things was when Braydon said “you can scrap that shell mom”. Love that child.

Cooking hot dogs. Boiling them seems a little wrong, but we still have another day before we officially have a BBQ. But we plan on celebrating with a salmon dinner.

Braydon: Seeing the deer, seeing the shrimp, crabs, building sand castles, finding beautiful shells and sand dollars
Kaylee: Building sandcastles, seeing the deer, seeing the shrimp and crabs, going to the big playground, and climbing the play animals and spinning around in the tire, finding shells and sand dollars
Chris: Spending time with the family
Kirsten: Sitting down at the end of each day and going through their favorite parts of the day

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