Monday, July 13, 2009

Meet Ruby

Here she is. A 2009 Dodge Journey, sparkling in red. Actually to be specific, it's Inferno Red Crystal Pearl. And her official name shall be Ruby Bruce Heal. Ruby Bruce has a ring too it doesn't it?

The mini van era for me is done. We needed something with space still, but something cool. This has seating for 7 (although the two in the back shouldn't be too tall), a 6 disk CD changer (the van had cassette, so this is big!) extra cargo in the second row, and did I mention it's pretty colour?

Happy Me!!!


Suzanne said...

You can nickname her RB that sounds even better! She is a pretty color and I think you'll look good roaming around in her!

Lisa and DJ said...

You'll be smokin' hot riding around in little Ruby Bruce!