Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Sunday

The day has been packed of different things. Nothing special, just a busy day. Cleaning, laundry (lots of laundry), basically trying to prep for vacation next week (can anyone say excited!!).

Kaylee has swimming lessons this morning, and as always, she enjoyed them. One of Braydon's friends is in the class, so it was nice that she knew someone. I took the dog for a short walk, and after swimming got some groceries. Chris has been doing most of the shopping, and apparently he is way better at it. He always spends less, I have no idea how.

Anyhow - laundry was the main theme today. Trying to figure out who has what, and if we need anything before we head out on Saturday am. We will be fully packed Friday night, so Sat we can just get up, eat breakfast and head out on the ferry.

We did manage some time at the playground. Chris and Braydon threw the ball, and Kaylee enjoyed the swings (and being goofy). They both ran around and burned off what seems to be the never ending amount of energy. I wish I had some of that. Even just a little bit.

Dirt would the other theme today. Both kids are in the bath right now attempting to get rid of some of that dirt, but I think it may stick like the energy they have.


Suzanne said...

Looks like a great way to gear up for a vacation. Lots of family time!

Julie said...

Great photos! Looks like the kids were enjoying themselves.