Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Already Wednesday, and hottest temps yet

Bracing ourselves for a record breaking heat day, we decided the best thing to do, was pretty much nothing. Each afternoon we attempt a something, and each afternoon, we fail. So today, we decided a lay low day was probably in order. The heat was starting to make people cranky, so why fight it.

Again we headed down to the beach for some swimming and seeking out cool things that live in the water. Then suddenly KJ decided she didn’t like hermit crabs. Hmmm, the beach is filled with thousands of them. So the melt down started, and the grump continued all morning long. You can’t blame a little girl, I mean it was hitting 35c and the breeze didn’t seem to be working.

We broke the spell a little bit by flying some kites. But since the wind wasn’t really reliable, we lost interest and decided to head back for some lunch. Knowing that Brad and Braydon really wanted to hang out, KJ and Chris hung back for some quiet time (she got to watch Nemo in hopes that it would turn to a nap, which of course it didn’t) and Braydon and I took off.

We checked out the Knibbs campside, and then Jen and Brad came with us on our errands. We needed to get salmon for dinner tonight, and were sent to a local fish market. Jen and I though we were getting the deal of the century when it was $6.95 a side of coho (that looked like it was caught an hour ago). We even double checked, cuz being west coast girls, we know that is stupid cheap. Um, it’s $6.96 a pound, so it was $30. Cooking it in a hour and looking forward to it.

The Knibbs are coming for dinner, but unfortunately, the Darwin’s have a sick little boy so they aren’t joining us tonight.
Who knows what is in store for tomorrow. I did get a good laugh today when Chris looked in the back of the car and saw a 12x12 brown paper bag. All he said was “guess you found the LSS hugh?”. Only a scrapbookers husband knows what goes in a 12x12 brown paper bag.

And onto today’s favourites..

Braydon: walking out as far aw we can, looking at the big crabs and playing with Brad
Kaylee: going boogy boarding, watching Nemo, watching the crab guy come in and seeing the dogs swim, walking out as far as we can, playing with Brad, Rachel, Jen and Dan
Chris; getting some time on his own, and drinking beer
Kirsten; walking out as far as we can in the water with the kids


Suzanne said...

I'm enjoying your trip so far!

Lisa and DJ said...

I was afraid of the crabs in Hawaii too. I couldn't close my eyes on the beach because i was afraid they'd all attack me!!