Sunday, July 19, 2009

Date Night

Every year on date night, I force Chris to take a photo. This years is a bit washed out with the sun (and some wrinkles seemed to have happened somehow) but still shows us together and happy.

We went to our favorite place to eat on special occasions. With the kids at my parents for the night and the weather in our favor - we headed out to the Boathouse in Horseshoe Bay (Suzanne, I promise to take you there next time!). What a perfect night it was. Our friends Kevan and Kelly joined us for a drink, and while they would have loved to stay - they had other plans but promised another night for sure.

Chris and I shared the mussels as the appetizer. MMMm, maybe the best I have ever had. Smoked with some apple cedar, they were cooked to perfection. My main was the same halibut I had last year. I had been dreaming of it for a year. Worth the wait. Chris had the salmon / halibut combo and he loved it too.

While dessert was not needed, it sure was good!! Chris had the apple / cranberry crisp and I had the molten chocolate brownie. While he swore his was better, I know that chocolate ALWAYS trumps other desserts.

When we got home we sat out on the deck and enjoyed the peacefulness of it all. And the next morning, no kids to wake us. Nice.


Suzanne said...

Looking forward to my turn to go there! Glad you had a good night out, I think the photo tradition is a great idea.

Lisa and DJ said...

Thanks for inviting my Mom and not me! Glad you guys had a great time!