Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sunday Sunday

Hot Hot Sunday.

Phew, it is HOT. I know I shouldn’t complain, cuz every other year our vacation has had rain and cold weather. I have no idea how hot it got today, but I am pretty sure while we were mini golfing, it was somewhere near what it would feel like out in the dessert.

The day started early. Too early really. Those kids were up at 6:30. Ya, so not when I planned on getting up. But then we just threw them in front of the TV and crawled back into bed till a little later.

Breakfast was first full day keener, I make blueberry pancakes We then headed to the beach for a few hours of fun. The wind was perfect keeping it just right. Lunch back at the condo and then went to order our BBQ for the rest of the week, only to be told that we can’t have one till Tuesday. While we did try to pre-order, they said not to bother. Ya right. Oh well, no big deal.

We went mini golfing this afternoon. Honestly it was just too hot, but we still had fun. On the last hole, if you get a hole in one – you win a free round. Chris won it so I guess we are going back on more time. Braydon couldn’t be happier.

Tried to have some quiet time this afternoon, which only sorta worked. Kaylee really needed a nap, but that didn’t happen. Now you may think that with that really early morning and no nap, hot weather and going all day she and Braydon would be sound asleep right now (it’s 9pm), but that isn’t happening any time soon.

After dinner we went down to the beach to find some crabs and sand dollars and ended up going to our friends for a drink. So the calming bath didn’t happen and they are still bouncing off the walls. Oh well.

I’m heading for a shower to cool off. Hopefully the kids will sleep in tomorrow morning and we have another fun day at the beach.

Brayon: Mini golfing, playing with his new friend Liam, boggie boarding, playing with Alexa, finding sand dollars, crab hunting
Kaylee: Playing with Alexa, building sand castles, mini golfing, sand dollars and crab hunting
Chris: Going for a walk on the beach, getting a hole in one at mini golf
Kirsten: watching the kids play in the water and having so much fun. Listening to Chris tell the kids he had a wonderful day.

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Lisa and DJ said...

WOW. I love all your vacation photos. What a beatiful place! And since I live in the middle of a desert, I hope you enjoyed the heat!