Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Canada Day!!

Oh Canada! The sun was shining and there was only ONE thing on my kids minds....the parade. So we, along with what seemed the rest of North Vancouver, headed down to watch this local event and enjoyed ourselves again.

Of course, there were some people in the crowds that didn't get the concept of not moving in on territory already claimed, we still found a small chunk of land that allowed us to sit through most of the one and a half hours! Yes, one and a half hours! It's not like we are seeing grand floats, but we have fun with some marching bands, the amazing motorcycle demo by the VPD, our boys in red, RCMP and what is a Canadian parade without bag pipes??

Afterwards the Rantz's came for a BBQ and the kids had fun in the sprinkler. We sat out back, enjoyed some burgers, cold beverages and potato salad. A good Canada Day eh!

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Suzanne said...

What's any parade without bagpipes!?!