Saturday, July 25, 2009

The first day of the vacation.....

The sleep went as well as the toilet bit. The cat kept us both up. But at least the day got going early. We threw the last of the stuff into Ruby, fed the kids breakfast and decided to leave a bit earlier than we planned. I mean, if we are going to wait, we might as well wait by the ferry instead of our living room.

Chris is driving. I’m moving his car into the carpot. He gets out of the car after turning it on, and it won’t come out of park. I try. It won’t come out of park. Maybe this vacation isn’t going to happen.

One more try, and for whatever reason, it moves into reverse and we are on our way. We get to Horseshoe Bay at 8:20. They tell us the next ferry is 10:05 (which we were hoping to catch). We grabbed a coffee, the kids played at the park, and we went back to wait in line.

We were second to last to board the 10:05. Phew. Luck was on our side.

Beautiful ride over. The last two years, the ferry ride was so cold that we went out to see what the wind was like, and immediately came back in. This year, the weather was perfect, and the kids tried to fly like birds. It doesn’t matter how many times I travel through my province – each and every time I am stunned by the natural beauty that surrounds me.

We got over in plenty of time. Maybe a little too much maybe. Tired kids and we couldn’t check in till 4. We went to Quallicum and checked out the market, where Braydon got a motorcycle hat. We then chilled out at Quallicum beach, got ourselves something cold to drink and waited out the time.

Finally we checked in, I got some groceries and Chris and the kids checked out the lay of the land. Tonight we kept dinner simple, grilled cheese for the kids, BLT and salad for us. So far we have played football, horseshoes and Frisbee.

I’m about to read bed time stories, and then it’s my fav part of a vacation with my husband. Some quiet time just hanging out on the patio.

A nightly feature I plan on asking the kids is what their favourite part of the day is. It was a travel day, with a lot of hurry up and wait. The stuck through it, and when I asked what they liked best, they both had answers immediately.

Bradyon: Getting the motorcycle hat. It’s pretty cool. I also really liked seeing the rabit.
Kaylee: Loved seeing the new “house” and seeing the rabbit.
Chris: Beer tastes better on vacation
Kirsten: Finally getting away on vacation.

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