Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Seriously, I know that I have already mentioned the heat, but it’s something else. Someone told me today that there has been three times since the 1800’s that the heat like this has lasted. Um…that is a long time.

The water and ocean is a god send. Because of it being so shallow, it’s not cold cold like it usually is. It’s actually just the perfect temp, and the only thing keeping us sane. With the morning breeze, it’s such a great outing and a great time killer.

This afternoon wet finally met up with the Knibbs and headed out to Coombs market. It’s an ecliptic grouping of stores, very crafts, some junk, but a lot of cool little finds. Last year Chris bought me a beautiful ring from one of the places.

But the heat was just too much. Regardless of us starting the time off with a slurpee in hopes that it would cool the kids, it was pretty much in vain. The heat (37c) was just too much. While the adults were challenged by it, the six year olds, the four year old and the two year old literally melted. I am hoping that we get a chance to go back, as I really love looking at those type of stores. We plan on going Friday, maybe in the morning if it’s cooler.

On our way home, we decided that instead of getting them to wait in the car while I bought MORE water and MORE drinks, I would drop them off and run back out. Little ol’ me was happy happy to this, as I had found the LSS in Parksville. Located in a cute little house, with LOTS of cute stuff. I’m waiting till DH has a couple cold ones before I mention my spree. I only bought a couple things, and basically plan on making a special album about this hot and fun vacation.

But tonight was the best night yet. After dinner we went to a night market (wish I got a couple things from there) but when we got home – we decided to head back to the water. It was their bed time, but it was just too hot. So we went for a quick dip and it was perfect. The water cooled us and with the light, I got some awesome shots of the kids and Chris, and the sun.

As always, we end the day with reviewing our favourite part of the day. I’m really enjoying it. Although Kaylee just says whatever her big brother says, it’s a great way to review our day and think back about what we did. And while I know computers aren’t the best way to escape on a vacation, I wouldn’t trade writing this journal each night. It’s only Tuesday, but so far, I’m really enjoying this time together.

Braydon: Finding the bunny rabbit. Going for a night swim. Seeing the goats on the roof and getting the ball and seeing Brad and playing with my new friends
Kaylee: Going for the night swim, seeing the crabs in water and on the sand, seeing Brad, Rachel, Jen and Dan, goats on the roof and playing with new friends.
Chris: The night swim and the AC in the car
Kirsten: Finding some goodies at the LSS, going for the night swim and capturing my favourite photos of the week (so far)


Suzanne said...

Beautiful photos!

Lisa and DJ said...

I'm glad you had such beautiful water to help keep you cool!