Saturday, August 1, 2009

Last Day??

How did the last day of vacation come so soon? It just seems like we got here, yet we packed a ton of fun into the past seven days. The weather today was much cooler, making it a lot more bearable and being able to enjoy the day without hiding from the heat.
The morning started with blueberry and raspberry pancakes, eating them outside in the warm summer morning. Life is good.

We headed to Coombs again (Goats on the Roof), this time much cooler and not busy either. Picked up a few Christmas gifts and got a necklace for me too. Plus the kids picked up a pop gun, which has really kept them entertained most of the day.

We ate lunch there too, and the kids got some ice cream. Sure have had their share of that cold treat this week.
In the afternoon, I headed to the beach with the kids for some more swimming and Chris and Eric went to get groceries, and did some cleaning up around the house. When I came back, we just relaxed, played a lot of pig in the middle and had a lot of laughs.

Steak, baked potatoes and ceasar salad for dinner in the warm summer evening. Life is good.

Afterwards we headed back to the beach for one last swim. The kids have had such a great time, and been sooooo good. I’m proud of them. Vacation while fun, is always full of different days, and different places, with strange times, and not a lot of normalicy.
All in all, this has been a fantastic trip. I love my family, and love having this week with them. Can’t wait to do it again!

Braydon: going to the beach, getting the pop gun
Kaylee: goats on the roof, going to the beach, getting the pop guns
Chris: beer
Kirsten: finding some great Christmas treasures for people, and scoring a new sketch book for me.

So, what was your favourite thing the WHOLE vacation:

Braydon: playing fast football and mini golfing
Kaylee: Eric sleeping over and mini golfing
Chris: Going out in the ocean, playing, mini golfing, swimming, playing pig in the middle
Kirsten: Having fun each day as a family, and how well we all got along (oh ya, and getting 500 or so photos to play with)

Side Bar Note: The Hat.....

So when Purdy pulled out this hat of his, well we all had some fun with it. And we all had to have our photo taken with it (except mine didn't turn out)


Lisa and DJ said...

That was so nice of you to buy me an early Christmas gift. :) I've loved seeing all the fun you guys had on vacation. Can't wait for next year!

Jenn said...

I love your photography, you have a great eye. Looks like a great vacation :0)