Friday, July 24, 2009

The night before vacation


The night before…

Should this vacation even happen? I mean, the death of the van was one thing. We knew that she didn’t have a long life left, but we thought for sure it would do us one more trip. But that can to a hault. Literally. So with Ruby in place – what could go wrong, right? Well, I think Murphy may have decided to come along on vacation this year.

For once, everything was packed and prepped. No doing laundry at the last minute. I mean it was all packed before 8pm. Nice.

So I was cleaning up things around the house and noticed that there was some water on the bathroom floor. Thinking it was just drips because I just cleaned it, I was hopefull. Nope. Then actually wishing it was bad aim from Chris or Braydon, I was disappointed that it wasn’t.

The toilet was leaking. Bad timing. At least, it wasn’t while we were away. So we turned off the water and went to bed. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

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