Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 7 - Sunday Sunday

I do recall last time that I started off the beginning of the week all gung ho, and slowing down as the week progressed. This time, I said to myself that won't happen. Yes it did. But that's ok too. The sickness and Mom ending up in the hospital kinda threw this typical week into a not so typical week, but all in all, glad it's still documented. It does show how crazy life can be, and how I adjust accordingly.

Sunday's are finally back to being at home. After working all winter long on Sunday's - they are extra special this time of year because I get to hang with my family.

I woke up to kids quietly playing lego and building things, which I love to see.

Chris took the dog out, the kids played on the computer (it still blows me away with how good they are on it!!)

Then Kaylee and I walked to swimming. Love getting some just girl time in.

Little hand favorite thing.

Some grocery shopping (this was a cheap shop!!)


making a card

going to a few open houses (it's our thing these days), and prepping for the next week.

Braydon needed to bring a recipe to school and he picked out chocolate marshmallow cake. Mmmmm. MY favorite! Should make that soon.

In the evening, things quiet. Chris and I have our tea, the dog bugs me to take her out, I am happy that the antibiotics are working full force and that Mom is feeling better. The week comes to an end, but the next one will be just as busy, most likely as crazy, and hopefully appreciated as I go along.


Lisa and DJ said...

There is nothing like a good, family Sunday. Although, I'm disappointed that your receipt doesn't show your full credit card number.

Suzanne said...

Glad to see you finished your week. I am behind on my blogging...I should do something about that.