Friday, April 23, 2010

Frenzied Friday

I will admit that I am posting this later than it happened. But that is the way life goes sometimes.

Friday I dragged my butt out of bed. Two days sick is enough. While I was feeling a little better, I still was not 100% and my throat was killing me. After getting the kids fed and off to school, I headed into work.

Kaylee is cute, but she is going to win an award for slowest eater ever....

At work, I called into my docs office to find out that I can make appointments for the clinic. I headed down after my first morning meeting and the on call doc said it was most likely strep. While results wouldn't be in for a few days, since it was the weekend she would give me some antibiotics and I could get going with getting better.

When you leave an office like mine, and your leave your camera, you can expect a few special treats when you look back at your photos.

As the day carried on, I was looking forward to dinner with my aunt and uncles....I was slow on the uptake of photos for the day, but would get lots that night. Then Dad called. Dad never calls me at work.

Mom was in the ER, having problems breathing. I headed down to see what was happening. At first, they weren't sure - could be anything from a possible blood clot to heart issues, to lung issues. Not fun seeing your parent in distress. I took Dad back home to get some stuff for mom and to get ahold of our dinner company to let them know it was postponed. Then back to the ER to drop off Dad, while Chris and I grabbed Mom's car from where it got left at the doc's office. Before I even got home, Mom was being released.

Chest x-ray, CT scan and lots of blood work later, turns out it was a chest infection that just took over and she needed some antibiotics, rest and to take care of herself.

So the day had it's highs and lows - but ended up all good. Bedtime milk and everyone into their own beds. A little photo shy, but that's ok. That's how the day rolled.

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