Monday, April 12, 2010

A 30 Year Old Memory

I have vivid memories of my childhood - and some that are so clear, I am astonished to learn that it is 30 years old. Terry Fox is one of those memories.

I don't remember the start of the Marathon of Hope - but today marks 30 years ago that this BC native dipped his toes into the ocean in St John's Newfoundland, with the hope of running across our great country to earn awareness of Cancer and to raise funds toward it. His dream as big as the country itself.

I do distinctly remember the day that the run was brought to an end. I would have just begun grade three. By this time, the country, and the world was paying attention. This young man with one leg, running miles each day had to stop. The Cancer that took his leg had spread into his lungs, and then eventually took his life. But the Cancer did NOT take his spirit.

Instead, that was left in our minds. In our hearts. And thankfully - his legacy is more than just a 30 year old memory. In his name, 500 million dollars has been raised. An annual run that started here in Canada in his honour is now worldwide and has millions of people running.

Here is a link that shows some of Terry's run - and some his memories of it. If you are a crier like me, grab some Kleenex first.

While there are many great Canadians to be celebrated, Terry Fox is one that is at the top. A determined person who did not let Cancer win.

"Even if I don't finish, we need others to continue" Terry Fox June 10, 1980

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