Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day #7

I am only seven years into this mom gig, and every year I survive, I appreciate my own Mom more. Even at the ripe old age of 38, she is still my go to for things, and I am glad she is part of my world.

This year, I put together a little mini album about five things that she has taught me. Of course, there are many more than five, but these ones came very easily to the top of mind. Most likely because they were taught by example, not from one specific incident.

#1 - It's the little moments that count. Sure the birthdays and Christmas' are important, and our family tend to do them in full style. But without those regular days in-between filled with happiness, then I wouldn't be filled with nothing but happy childhood memories.

#2 - Be friends with your brother. Mom's brother always lived in a different city when we were growing up - but when we got to visit with Uncle Bob, it was like they just saw each other. I am very lucky to have a close brother, whom I get to call a friend as well as a sibling. My hope is for Kaylee and Braydon to have the same thing.

#3 - A house filled with laughter and love make a home. Our house was always filled with people coming and going. Mom would come downstairs and find 10-20 people in the basement. They just showed up. It was always the way. I want the same for our house. Everyone is welcome.

#4 - Marriage takes work. I come from one of those "rarer" houses these days as my parents are still married. In fact next week, they celebrate 39 years together. I know that it took work to get there, compromise, listening, looking the other way, talking, and knowing that the other person will be there. Mom and Dad are opposites. So are Chris and I. We have a healthy marriage, that is tested at times, but coming from a home that I learned a good marriage just doesn't "happen", I am looking forward to celebrating my 39th anniversary too.

#5 - Get everyone to the table. Dinners in our house were eaten together. At the table. Even as we got older, dinner was served with the four of us at the table. Talking, listening, even fighting through the teen years. Anyone who wanted to join us for dinner was welcome. Sunday dinners were small, medium and large. Mom's turkey and burgers are legendary. These photos made me laugh the most. One is Rich and Bronx, taken last fall. Bronx seems more like a person than a dog. The other is 1979, where our cat Jebby is eyeing New Years Eve dinner. Everyone was welcome.

So thanks Mom. For everything. Happy Mother's Day.

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Kimmartha said...

This is so sweet - what a wonderful way to capture those memories and to let your mom know just how much she means to you. She is definitely a lucky mom!!