Sunday, April 11, 2010

This sweet child really is that. Willing to help me, yet again, play with my camera. As she pretend to read, she "tells" me a story as we go along.

These days, her strong will is showing up more and more. I am getting more "no's" and less listening to me. She knows what she wants, and she will stand up for herself. Confidence is something this girl does not lack.
But there are moments like last night where my baby is more than willing to be my muse. She poses, and even suggests ideas for photos.

I hope "these days" last forever.


Lisa and DJ said...


Suzanne said...

They won't last forever. Though things change every stage is wonderful for its own special reason. There is something VERY special about a daughter.

Kimmartha said...

Gorgeous - LOVE the last one!! Yes, hold on to these days, they go by waaaaaaaaaaay too fast!

Heidi said...

Wow! Breathless pics!