Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day Two

I sit here this evening tired and still sick. I don't enjoy having a cold, especially since it's not going away anytime fast. Maybe tomorrow is a sick day? Hmmm, doubt it.

This morning - earlier than yesterday!!

One of my children takes a little longer than the other to get going in the morning (this is mid yawn....she's not mad).

This one though is usually pretty good early am.

And today, I decided a post make up photo was better.

Once you feed that girl kid - she brightens up a lot

It rained overnight, but the spring flowers seemed to enjoy it. The rest of the day was filled with clouds, showers - no sun in sight.

Work was not exciting. Very grey day, and it's reporting season. Luckily for me, co-workers wanted to do lunch at Earls. I love their shrimp pizza (so totally forgot to take my camera with me....so this is an after lunch picture).

This is Kevin. I have worked with Kevin for about 11 years. He and I get along great, and know just when the other needs a break from our daily routine. We also back up each other at all times. Kinda like my work brother.

On the way home I had to stop in the mall and pick up some stuff.

Then headed to Kaylee's day care.

She of course cannot leave school without hugging her fiance Spencer goodbye.

With her special pillow in hand (which I don't usually allow to make it to school) - we headed home.

Tonight was baseball, but with the rain falling, I left the camera at home. Promise to capture Saturday's game. Funny how there is a place to put the uniform post game, yet it ends up on the stairs and not away where it should be.

Braydon is playing his Leapster to come down from the game. I hear him yawning now (as I should, it's 9pm).

Kaylee is surrounded by her CHristmas lights (soooo my kid) but not sleeping. The night owl will be a bit. She's chatting away to her stuffies and they seem to be listening.

I am heading to bed. Hopefully to sleep too.

Promise more photos tomorrow.


Suzanne said...

I with KJ on the morning yawns. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

ZoomZoomZoom said...

so lovin' the Christmas lights!