Sunday, April 18, 2010

Catch Up Post

I need some blog catching up to do before I start A Week In the Life tomorrow. It will be a bit long, so bare with me.

Catch Up #1

Part of our wildlife refuge includes three grey wolves. They used to be movie wolves and were born in captivity, but because they are pure - they made for lousy actors (too shy and too stubborn), so they live with us at Grouse.

Since they are at the base of the mountain, they have become part of my favorite thing to listen to. Their songs, especially in the morning (or when their food arrives) is beautiful. This week our Wildlife Manager said come on in, and feed them.

Sure, some people would stop and think twice, but I jumped at the chance and wasn't even scared for a second (I probably should have been....oops). I also got to wander through the wolf enclosure to take photos. And since we fed them first, I get to go back in to take better pics next time.

Catch Up #2

Yesterday I went scapping, all the way to Langley (and for those who know me, they know that is a LONG LONG way for me). Canadian Scrapbooker was hosting it, but we made it an SNC thing with Mieke, Lorraine and Kim (who I got to meet for the first time).

We took two classes, which resulted in six layouts, learning some new techniques and maybe a few new purchases :)

Catch Up #3

I have exciting news related to the scrapping world.............but sorry - I need to keep it a secret for a few more days.

Catch Up #4

Speaking of scrapping - here are my most recent two Lay Outs.

This one was done for sketch #99 for Creative Scrappers and

this one was done with a few new of those supplies


Lisa and DJ said...

You live such a full and exciting life...don't know how you fit it all in!

Zoa said...

WOW- how fun to feed the wolves! I would love an opportunity like that too!

Congrats on making the Scrap Yourself DT! I am excited to get to know ya :0)

Jenn said...

Feeding wolves, flying in helicopters, meeting celebs...I think you have a dream job!