Thursday, April 1, 2010

And The Fat Lady Sings

I had thought, that since we decided to go through with the appraisal side of this house swap thing, that it would go well.
Even better, we knew the appraiser. And he said that she would be asking too much if she was to ask what she told me. And even more confidence when she asked to come by again today to bring some friends to take a look at it.
But after her visit today, Rose called and said that she did not want to carry on. She has now decided that the place is too big for her. I am confused as she knew the size - she has lived in our complex in the past and been to two open houses along with coming to our place. At least she is willing to pay for the appraiser.
So - who knows what is next. I suppose we see what she lists for, and we see what happens. Or we stay here and afford fun things. I guess if it wasn't meant to be.


Lisa and DJ said...

:( Sorry, my friend. I'm sure something greater is out there for you!

PamelaM said...

Sorry it didn't work out but I agree with Lisa. I am sure something greater is in store for you.

Jenn said...

That stinks!!! Hang in there though, the right house is waiting for you ;0)