Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day Three - the sick day

I so rarely take sick days. I grew up in a house that for you to be home, you had to be half dead. But this head cold is hanging on, and I need it gone before surgery. So I stayed home.

I wish I had slept in, but of course, I was wide awake early. Harley kept me company.

After getting the kids off to school, I crawled back into bed. And brought a cup of tea to relax with.

Can't spend the whole day in bed, so I scrapped a bit. Here are some previews (can't reveal any of them yet, sorry).

All in all, I got four lay outs done........and this is what my kitchen table looks like after that.

I also got Takaya out for a walk.

Did some vacuming.

Had a snack.

Filled up the fish tank with some fresh water.

Made dinner for tonight and tomorrow - pretty impressive. Chicken pot pie and chilli. I love coming home to a cooked dinner. The kids "cleaned up" their Easter Candy - to find out that they have tons left! They pooled it together, hope it goes soon.

Need to head to bed. Night.

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ZoomZoomZoom said...

sorry you've been feeling so yucky. your kitty is beautiful and so are your kiddies! i notice you snuck in that accordion flower technique from the other weekend into your page, nice touch!