Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dear Santa Claus

Of course, if Santa doesn't know what you want for Christmas, it can be a challenge for him to get it right. And if you keep changing your mind about what you want....well that makes for even more challenges. So, to make it easy for everyone, you need to write him a letter. And that was how we started December.

Know you would think with my love of Christmas, and my count down for months previously, I would have advent calendars ready to go. But even though I saw them everywhere over the past few weeks, I never picked one up. So before dinner tonight, KJ and I headed out and got a couple for the kids.
I'm pretty sure that this will be asked for for breakfast tomorrow.

The kids couldn't decide what they wanted, and it's been all over the map for a week. So we decided to start with making a list, then writing the letter. Since my camera was out (which is a great thing about DD as I've been lacking pulling it out) I took a couple extra pics too

Once the list was done, it was time to write to the big guy. And this of course didn't go the magical way that all things Christmas are supposed to. KJ started with "Here is what I want" and then was about to list all the things, while I tried to explain that she needed to be nice to Santa, ask him some questions, tell him if she was good or bad, and that she shouldn't be greedy. Well, when you are dealing with a six year old who is excited about Christmas, I need to remember that six is six, and work with that.

AFter some tears and a departure from writing to St Nick, a pep talk and some explanation about not getting everything, we were back at it.

The letters were crafted, polite manners were used, and Braydon even asked for Santa to bring something to Chris and I. Kaylee asked him a bunch of questions, and we will mail them off on the weekend.

Oh and it seems that there may be some peace in our house, the cats and dog are finally getting along (well not enough to get a pic together, but we are working on it)

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JennC said...

Aw come on mom, chocolate is best served for breakfast ;0)