Wednesday, November 30, 2011

'Tis the season

Yup, me again. Maybe 2012 will be the year for blogging (maybe I said!).

Anyhow, along with thousands, possibly millions of others, for the month of December I will be taking part in December Daily.

The idea is to slow down, take a minute or two to document the day and journal it. You can scrapbook it, blog it, take photos, use words, combine them together or do something completely different.

Capture the big stuff, like visiting with Santa, decorating the tree, baking cookies. Capture the crazy stuff like staying up late to wrap cuz you ran out of "regular" time or how you go about hiding gifts from those who seek out in to find out what they are getting before the big day (Chris....). Capture the memories from the past like what was your favourite thing about the holiday season as a child or what was your favourite gift from Santa. And capture the memories for the future, like encouraging the giving side of Christmas.

So while I may not document it each day on it's own, I will document something about each day. And yes, I know that it's still November, but I have to start today because one of my favourite things about the holidays are the lights.

After working three days downtown, Chris surprised me and had the lights ready to go. So when it got dark tonight, we turned on the lights, and voila...the season is on!

Merry Christmas all


Vanessa said...

What a nice suprise :)
Holiday lights are one of my favorite things!

Lisa and DJ said...

I miss you!!!