Saturday, December 3, 2011

Getting ready for the visit

We've been holding back getting hair cuts for two reasons. One, we wanted to wait till closer to Christmas and two, well Braydon hates getting his hair cut.

But it was time. This is the last weekend before all the events start to happen, so it was a now or never, and boy did Braydon really need to get his done.

I was once given wise parenting advice of "pick your battles" and I have decided that hair will not be one. The longish style is in, some call it Justin Beiber, but Braydon says it's not. None the less, as long as he keeps it somewhat styled and I can see his baby blues, he can have it how he wants.

Now Kaylee loves getting her hair cut, so it was an easy task there.
So with a small bribe for good behaviour (trust me, we've had tears many times in the salon) the deed is done. While you have to look close to see that hair was cut on Braydon, there was lots left on the salon floor and I'll stop calling him fluffy for a little bit.

Next up, we gotta figure out when to visit Santa Claus.

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Lisa and DJ said...

yum...those donuts look good! Tell Braydon that Justin Bieber actually has pretty short hair now. ha ha.