Friday, December 23, 2011

Snow Babies

I have always had a love for skiing.  And when I started the kids, they just didn't seem to have the passion for it.  So I made the hard decision NOT to make them and just wait it out as hopefully that moment would come.  Well this week, it did!!  Braydon didn't love skiing, so he asked to try boarding.  Ok, I said.  Hopefully this will come easier than skiing did to him and we would get those days on the hill together.
 Skiing on the North Shore can be a wet sport.   But wow did we luck out with the weather.  They had lessons planned for three days, two with blue bird sky and one with snow.  Worked out pretty well I think. Can you see how big his smile is??

Kaylee did enjoy skiing, and was excited to have another go at it.  She hoped onto her board and headed down the slope.  She went from purple to orange and I know with a few more days on the hill she and I will be doing some bigger runs together.  She did get onto the chairlift and ended the days tired but loving skiing!!

 I'm such a happy snow person myself!  The kids are keen to go into lessons again in the New Year and I'm hoping to make this a family sport once again.


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