Monday, December 19, 2011

We Fish You a Merry Christmas

A long time ago, in a land just up the road, my Mom bought me a fish tank.  The deal was, she bought the tank, I bought and cared for the fish. I thought it was SUCH a great deal because the tank was $200 and fish, well they were cheap.....right??

Let's just say, Mom's always know best right?  Fish are cheap, sure.  But when you keep killing the fish over and over again, it quickly becomes more expensive than the tank was originally.

The tank already wasn't doing well.  I loved my fishes, but I wasn't a good fishy owner. I eventually moved out and took the tank with me, thinking I can do this.  Set it all up and bought (more) fish.  My friends called it the tank of death.  I mean, sure an aquatic frog actually jumped OUT of the tank, we think in attempt to take it's own life.  But tank of death seemed just so, well...

Eventually I gave up.  But when I moved in with Chris and got all domestic and stuff, I tried again.  All faithful, it was fine till my friend showed up at the house and said "you brought back the tank of death".  Chris looked at me and asked what that was about.  I smiled.

When we moved here, the fishes had all gone to fishy heaven.  But when Braydon was about 4 he found the tank and asked me to fill 'er up.  Chris looked at me again (this time knowing better) and said this should be interesting.  The first few didn't' fair well, until I actually listened to Chris and added an air filter. You see, in my defence, I had asked what I'm doing wrong, and I was told that a small 20 gallon tank didn't need the air, so I never had one.

Well guess what.  A 20 gallon tank NEEDS air.  It's amazing how long fish can last when you start to figure it all out!!

So today when I got home, I noticed water on the counter by the tank.  In hopes that I had knocked something liquid over I wiped it up, only to find more water.  Chris looked at me (this time knowing that I could keep them alive) and said I guess you are setting up a new tank tonight.

Instead of finishing up my Christmas shopping, I headed down to Pet Smart to simply pick up another 20 gallon and use all that I already had.  But of course, in true me fashion, I found a nicer bigger tank.  I sent a quick text to Chris and he said go for it and Merry Christmas.

So now my fish have a beautiful 37 gallon house.  The 11 I currently have will soon be joined by some new friends and this tank of hope should last me a long long time.

BTW - Bruce our shark has been alive for four years and seems to be thriving in his new home.


Lisa and DJ said...

Yay for a new tank and yay for Bruce!!

Suzanne said...

Looks good! Glad Bruce is thriving!

Vanessa said...

bigger is better :)

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