Sunday, February 21, 2010

Winter Olympics?

Other than seeing skiing, hockey and curling on the TV, you would not know that this is the WINTER Olympics!! I don't ever remember a warmer sunnier February. While I enjoy it as an individual, and the kids are loving being able to play outside all day - it's not so good if you work at a ski hill!!

This morning we went to Winterfest at Lynn Valley Centre to see Bobs and Lolo. Braydon said it was baby music, but perked up as soon as his buddy Brad showed up.

This afternoon we played at the park and enjoyed this t-shirt and sunglasses weather.

But in less than an hour - the USA vs Canada hockey game starts. And like all good Canadians I must put on my hockey gear, get myself a beer and sit down on the couch (or do Canadian's say sofa, can never remember that one eh) to watch. GO CANADA!!!


Lisa and DJ said...

DJ and I keep commenting about how warm it looks in Vancouver. I'll be thinking of you as I watch hockey tonight. :)

Suzanne said...

It's cold and snowy here today. Can't imagine playing at the park. I sit on a couch so you must have a sofa. ;)