Tuesday, February 23, 2010

And the Trend Contines

I dragged my butt out bed early this morning. Early enough that it was dark. Very dark. But I was alert enough to grab my handy camera on my way out and head to the mountain.

Greeting me this morning was the snowguns going full blast. Maybe there is a little left in winter yet.

It was a Golden morning at the mountain when Canada's newest (and youngest) Olympians celebrated their new shiny jewelry. Tessa Verture and Scott Moir are just as sweet as they are amazing skaters. Even the guys around were saying what an amazing skate it was.

One thing that I have found this week, the pride that these Canadian athletes have is really about being Canadian as much as it is winning the gold. As these two young skaters interacted with the surrounding audience, it was so apparent that they were thrilled to take a few minutes and talk to everyone surrounding them.

The Americans were gracious, and as their last round of the games comes to a close in forth place - the showed what a true Olympian is all about while they interacted with the kids in the audience and enjoyed the moment.

Past Olympian skaters were so plentiful you could almost trip over them. Mom, this photo of Dorothy Hamill is just for you - see her hair still is nice! Here she is hanging with Grouse Mountain "regular" Kristi Yamaguchi. And Nancy Kerrigan was up hosting Access Hollywood on the mountain for her second time.

The NBC hosts had mentioned a few times in their broadcast about how much Vancouver is famous for sushi, and today they met up with famous local sushi guy Tojo. I got to try some of this food, and by far, the best sushi I have ever eaten. He says his sushi doesn't need soya sauce, and I couldn't agree more.

When you wake up early, in this beautiful city of mine, you are sometimes greeted with an overwhelming reason why you live here. This was todays.

And at the end of the show, NBC did some pre-taping of tomorrow or Thursdays show - all four hosts came to visit the Eye of the Wind. Please make sure you watch the show as it will give you a bit of insight as to how amazing this really is.

On my way back down the hill, I caught a little hockey action. Each morning that the Men's hockey is played at Canada Hockey Place, we do a little early session of the same teams. This morning some future Olympians challenged each other in a Canada vs. Germany scrimmage. Here is hoping Canada won this morning and does this same this evening.


Lisa and DJ said...

WOW! I'll go record the Today show so I can watch tomorrow's show. What a beautiful morning!

Suzanne said...

This has been my favorite day by far. And since I'm living vicariously through you, I'm proud your Canadian too!!! :)

StaZ said...

Very Cool!

Jenn said...

So amazing!!! You do realize how lucky you are right?? ;0)

Monique said...

How cool you actually live there!! And thanks for sharing those great photos of the Olympics!
Had a look at your blog and I really love your (simple) scrapbooking style! I'll sure be back!
Have a wonderful weekend,

Vanessa said...

You will have so many great memories from the Olympics! Your photos are awesome :-)