Friday, February 19, 2010

Ikea Wins!

I love hockey, even when Canada isn't playing. I was given tickets at work to go see an Olympic hockey game today - Belarus (ya, I know - where is Belarus) and Sweden. I kept laughing because at times I felt like I was in Ikea, with all the yellow and blue. Definitely a favorite going into the game - but it was closer than anyone expected. Seems that us Canadians like the under dogs because by the third period, we all wanted Belarus to win (even though two Canucks play for Sweden)

While I still want to get downtown and see the "real" crowds, it was a nice treat to get away from the hill and out into the actual games. We took the Seabus over and then hopped on the Skytrain, nice and fast and easy. Such a spectacular day - my city is shining.

Odd being in Canuck world with no sign of the home team. Not knowing to who cheer for - the crowd went nuts every time either team scored. It was just about the Canadian hockey spirit today. Alive and well.

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Suzanne said...

So fun for you! My favorite games are the ones where I cheer for both sides. You're happy at the end of the game no matter who wins!