Monday, February 15, 2010

Golden Moments

Well, first congratulations to Alexandre Bilodeau for winning Gold on home turf!! With the weight of his country on his shoulders, it was fitting to find out today that he is just another good old Canadian boy. Wanna know how I know?

Well, read on.

We knew today would be a big show for the NBC Today Show. How big - well I couldn't have imagined. I had known for a few days that Wayne Gretzky would be on - the great one - #99. If you love hockey, you know who he is. And in this house, while not a "star struck" kinda person, I thought it would be cool to see him in person. You know, brush with fame. Then yesterday I learned that kd lang was going to be on the show - and after the opening ceremonies for the Olympic Winter Games, I thought - hey cool, she was awesome. The other favorite part of the ceremonies for me was Shane Koyczan (that is with a zed) and of course he was on too! WOW!

So my first brush, literally was with our Canadian Hero - Alex. He was on early and we were trying to get him a Whistler Water toque. All good Canadian boys need new toques after winning gold right?

Well, as timing had it this morning, the toque was running late, and I was the only one who had the chance to give it to him. I walked onto him private tram and said "Alex, you did Canada proud last night - it was an awesome run. Congrats on the Gold." Remember that star struck that I don't get? Stupid me should have taken my photo with him. Ooops. Anyhow, he was very nice about it, and it was cool to meet him.

But back up for a minute, cuz I caught something on film no one else did!! When he was heading down the mountain, coming up was Gretzky! Wayne got off the tram, stopped to congratulate Alex on the Gold, and I was fast enough to take a photo!

In the same instant, I put down my camera, ripped off my jacket and asked Gretzky to sign my (well, Chris') team Canada jersey. I have never asked anyone for an autograph, but this was my opportunity to do so, and now I have (ok, well Chris has) an autographed jersey (to be framed!) by #99. Good wife award for me!!

So back into my morning of opportunities, I got close up to watch Picabo Street do an interview - she is such an amazing skier and I love her attitude.

Ok, then all of a sudden, I find out that Wayne is going down the mountain - the PA asks me to arrange the tram, and the next thing I know I am personally escorting this hockey legend on my own to the Upper Red Terminal. Again, right place, right time.

I find myself next to Shane and managed to let him know that I thought his performance rocked and really captured Canada and Canadians well. He too was cool about it.
One would think that is my day for dealing with high profile peeps, but before I knew it, I was being asked to arrange the tram down for kd lang. Sure thing - I can make things happen. Then they ask if I can escort her down too. Ya ya, of course. Actually, she really didn't want anything to do with my on the way down, but I am the only one who got to go.

After a long day, I was looking forward to heading home and resting. Nope, no such thing today. But after a day like mine, who could complain. Anyone else have this good of a Monday?


Hollee said...

DOOD! I'll trade you your Monday for mine any day!!! :)

Jenn said...

Um, my Monday was no where even close to a spec of what you experienced! What an amazing job you have!

Suzanne said...

Wow you are one lucky girl!!! I'm so glad that your early mornings, crazy hours are at least paying off with some awesome experiences!

StaZ said...

That is really awesome!

Lisa and DJ said...

So since I've met you, I've basically met all these famous Canadians too, right? What an awesome day!

Barb Graham said...

Your Olympic scrapbook is going to be pretty cool!