Monday, February 22, 2010

Me and More Famous People

Burnaby Joe Sakic showed up at the mountain today. So he's not playing with Team Canada this year, but he has in the past and he's awesome! So I scored yet another autograph.

March is going to be soooo boring at work!

NOTE FOR MY AMERICAN FRIENDS: Joe Sakic is a hockey player. Hockey is a game we play here in the North. A game that you are seemingly figuring out. Joe plays for the Colorado Avalanche. We call him Burnaby Joe because he is from Burnaby BC, which is a suburb of Vancouver.


Lisa and DJ said...
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Suzanne said...

Oops I posted as Lisa..hahaha! She had me look at a private blog today and I forgot to log her out. I was saying....I had that all figured out even the Burnaby part. I was a soccer mom for over 10 years and always liked hockey too...they both include nets and goalies. :)

Lisa and DJ said...

What is this hock key game you speak of? ha ha

Kirsten said...

Lisa is a hoser